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Seresto Collar For Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 84 Reviews

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Seresto Collar- Effective Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Seresto Collar is an innovative flea and tick collar specially developed to provide long term protection. The flea collar not only kills fleas and ticks but also repels fleas and ticks. It eliminates adult fleas before they lay eggs. It provides non-greasy and odorless protection. Seresto collar lasts longer and prevents recurring flea and tick infestations. The flea & tick collar also aids in the treatment of sarcoptic mange in dogs. Manufactured by Bayer, Seresto Collar for dogs is easy to apply and has no known side effects.

Unlike regular flea and tick products, the effective formula of Seresto collar (imidacloprid and flumethrin) kills and repels ticks on contact. This is how they lower the transmission of various tick-induced diseases, including brown dog ticks that are responsible for spreading ehrlichiosis. The standout design of Seresto collars holds on to the chemical constituents in the collar itself and releases them as and when needed, presenting the longevity to the product that lasts for as long as 8 months.

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Happy using it

Extremely easy to use and the best collar

Henry Jun 15, 2024

Happy using it

Seresto is the best collar for fleas

Peter Jun 15, 2024

Must try

It is the best collar I have used for my pal

Jimmy Jun 07, 2024

Effective for long

Excellent buy..would recommend

May Jun 03, 2024

Excellent product

AmazIng collar.. works perfectly for my buddy

Lawrence May 22, 2024

Seresto collar

None of the treatments works the way this collar does

Keith May 14, 2024


It definitely worked.

Ashley May 06, 2024


I'm thrilled to observe the notable reduction in fleas!

Idra Apr 28, 2024

Great price

This collar was suggested by my veterinarian.

Jeremy Apr 20, 2024

Calm Companion

Feliway ensures my pet stays relaxed throughout the night.

August Apr 15, 2024

Worth Every Penny

No complaints here. It performs exactly as advertised!

Eli Apr 11, 2024

Top-notch Collar

A fantastic product! My mischievous Beagle has gone through numerous collars, but this one has lasted almost 9 months without fail.

Mateo Apr 04, 2024

Outstanding results.

Absolutely amazed by its effectiveness.

Josephine Mar 19, 2024

Love it

Seresto is not only effective but also incredibly easy to use. A must-buy!

Lia Mar 10, 2024

Seresto Collar

A must-have addition to any pet owner's arsenal.

Reny Mar 01, 2024

Great collar

Great product.. works for my dogs.

Susan Feb 25, 2024


The collar is just amazing, keeping fleas away without any chemical exposure to my pet

Jace Feb 24, 2024


The collar is working great on my bud

Wolff Feb 16, 2024


Will order this for my other dog too

Eric Feb 08, 2024


It's just perfect for my pooch

Julia Jan 25, 2024

No chemical on skin

I love the fact it doesn't involve any application of chemical on my pet's skin

Josephine Jan 24, 2024

No more fleas!

The collar was super effective

Emerald Jan 16, 2024

Best ever

I've been using the Seresto flee collar for many years. Never use any other flee collar since discovering Seresto.

Sybilla Jan 12, 2024

Easy use

The collar works just amazing. It also suits my dog

Finley Jan 08, 2024

Turned out well


Jim Dec 25, 2023

Fast results

Got this collar on my dog two days ago and the fleas are already gone

Jessy Dec 16, 2023


I never thought that it will actually last for 7 months, now buying again.

Mark Dec 09, 2023

Good one

I am glad that it didn't fall off from dogs neck. Good one!

Joey Dec 01, 2023

Happy with it

The collar is very helpul in keeping fleas at bay

Jasmine Nov 25, 2023

Did well

Most affordable at this place no doubt about that

Zack Nov 17, 2023

Happy with purchase

Best flea collar for pets

Kevin Nov 09, 2023

Good fur

My dogs fur has improved since I put this on

Eva Nov 01, 2023

Excellent product

Very affordable and long lasting

Alexander Oct 25, 2023

No fleas

The collar is like magic, zero fleas since my dog had it

Liam Oct 17, 2023

Perfect pest control

The collar is comfortable around my pets neck

George Oct 01, 2023

Safe, effective and long lasting

You dont need to worry about parasitic problems once your pet has this

Noah Sep 24, 2023

Wonderful collar

Seresto is the best flea and tick collar for my Bruno

Connor Sep 17, 2023

Wonderful collar

Seresto is the best flea and tick collar for my Bruno

Connor Sep 17, 2023

Flea and tick collar

the only flea and tick collar that actually works

Amanda Sep 09, 2023

Best collar

Very good collar and has no side effects

Connor Sep 01, 2023

Works like wonder

Bought this for my Bruno, and it is working, really impressed

Nancy Aug 24, 2023

Waterproof collar

I was worried if this stops working in water, my dog loves to swim, but this is still effective. great collar

Daniel Aug 16, 2023

Best flea collar

It works as it mentions, my dog is free of pests now

Jessica Aug 08, 2023

This collars works

Got this for my labrador, and it does keep the fleas and ticks away from him.

Brian Aug 01, 2023


This collar really works. I would recommend it to all pet parents

Ashley Jul 23, 2023

Great collar

had this for my furry pal, he has no bugs now

Elle Jul 17, 2023

Very useful

This keeps ticks and bugs away from my lilly

Brian Jul 10, 2023

Its good

Does the job and protects my doggo from bugs like fleas.

Jenelia Jul 01, 2023

Perfect solution for fleas

Protects my dog from the harmful flea and tick infestations.

Amelia Jun 25, 2023


The collar is great. Does an excellent job!

Mark Jun 19, 2023


The collar is great. Does an excellent job!

Mark Jun 19, 2023


The collar is great. Does an excellent job!

Mark Jun 19, 2023


Best flea collar my Great Dane. He's protected from these itchy insects now.

Daisy Jun 10, 2023

Best collar

Works wonders! Thank you for warding off fleas!

Daisy Jun 04, 2023

Long lasting collar

The collar lasts for months to keep your dog flea-free

Kylie May 29, 2023

Nice collar

The collar is very convenient and wards off fleas for months

Jasmin May 22, 2023

Best flea collar

This works great alongside the other flea medication

Joe May 10, 2023

Excellent product

Keeps my dogs free from fleas without any hassles

Ace May 07, 2023


Effective and comfortable collar for my dog to get rid of fleas.

Jace May 01, 2023

Works well

The seresto collar works well for my dog. It keeps the fleas and ticks away.

Rosh Apr 24, 2023

Effective Results

Using this collar for my fido and got effective results in just few hours.

Lucas Apr 17, 2023

Best Choice

It will be my top choice for my dog to fight against

Amelia Apr 10, 2023

Easy to administrate

I bought this for dog, it's very easy to use and effective.

Liam Apr 03, 2023

Non-greasy solution

This non greasy and non messy solution is too good to eliminate fleas.

Ivan Mar 25, 2023


Its a perfect pack for flea and tick protection.

Ava Mar 20, 2023

Highly Recommended

Kill and repels fleas and ticks and prevent from infection for almost 7-8 months.

Kylie Mar 13, 2023

Easy to apply

No more itching and irritation, my dog is so relaxed now.

John Mar 06, 2023

Easy to fit and Effective

No fuss to use this collar on my small dog. Adjusts very easily, just slide the latch and its done!

Ryan Feb 21, 2023

best collar

I have used many flea collars for my pal bt none of them was as effective as this.

Siley Feb 14, 2023

No fuss to handle

Easy to fit and effectve for long.

Mitchelle Feb 08, 2023

My Dog's fav

My dog's favorite collar. Whenever I put it on he gets more playful and active. Nice way to protect him from parasites.

Marek Jan 05, 2023

Easy to fit

No fuss to worn it on my fido. Comforatble and effective for my pal. Would highly recommned this.

Zahir Nov 26, 2022

Best Product

This product is the best way to go!

Robert Oct 21, 2022

Great Flea and Tick product

Great product we have 2 dogs 8.9lbs and 11 lbs have been using this for last 3 years. No weird reactions from the collars and flea and tick free!

Lyna Oct 04, 2022

No complaints

Used for the first time for my Ringo, happy with the purchase

Thomas Sep 27, 2022

Effective Product

It remains effective for quite a long time. Would highly recommend this.

Murphy Sep 07, 2022

No more fleas

This is the easiest way to say good-bye to fleas.

Peter Aug 08, 2022

Best Collar

Very good product. My Beagle is naughty and has broken many dog collars, but I found this best as we have been using it off and on for almost 9months.

Diago Jun 16, 2022

Easy Peasy

Easy to fit this collar and works best for my pal

Liam Jun 07, 2022

Best Flea & Tick Made so Far

I wouldn't use anything else for my fur baby it actually does kill and keep flea and ticks off my baby. He has seizures and I've tried lot's of other products But not anymore. One product that keeps bugs off my inside fur baby

Traci Jan 31, 2022

Love Seresto

We have been using the Seresto flea collars for more than 3 yrs now and we absolutely love them! Our service dogs have had no fleas or ticks EVER! Very pleased with this product!

Patty Oct 04, 2021

Flea collar

This is the best flea collar i have every used.

Amy Mar 07, 2021

Eliminates adult fleas and lasts long

Excellent collar. It helps eliminate adult fleas and keeps parasites at bay. It also provides long protection for many months.

Peyton Aug 09, 2020

Long term flea protection

Great collars that help in providing long term flea protection to my doggy.

Chadwick Jul 08, 2020