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Reward Points

DiscountPetMart – Reward Points System

Buy More – Earn More

DiscountPetMart aims to offer the quality pet products at the most competitive prices. And, to help our customers save more, we have come up with a Reward Point Program. This will help you earn more rewards on your purchases. The more you order, the more points you gain and the more you earn.

The reward points will be collected in your account at DiscountPetMart, which you can redeem in your future purchases. The reward points that you will earn will be equal to your purchase value.

For example, If the value of your order is $100, you will be eligible to earn 100 reward points on this particular purchase.

Reward Points for Our New Customers

We have special gift for our new customers. If you are a new customer and haven’t made purchases with us before, we will gift you 100 reward points as a welcome gesture.

To receive this gift, you have to create an account and register with us with a valid email address.

How are reward points redeemed?

You can easily redeem your reward points with any purchase you make at DiscountPetMart. However, to redeem your reward points, you will need to have a minimum order value of $25. Please be informed that at the most, you can redeem 10% of your total order value only.

Where do I check my reward points?

You can easily check your reward points anytime by logging into your account registered with us, or during checkout or your order confirmation.

Account: By simply logging into your registered account you can check your Reward Points.

Checkout: On the checkout page, once you have added all the products in the cart, you can check the reward points earned with the maximum number of points you can redeem in that order.

Order Confirmation: Once your order is confirmed, your order confirmation page will display the total reward points you have earned. You can even check the total reward points earned in the confirmation email sent to you after your order has been placed.

How Is The Value Of Reward Points Calculated?

The value of your reward points is calculated as:

20 reward points = $1 or 100 reward points = $5

Means for every 20 reward points earned, you will be eligible for a discount of $1. For e.g. if you redeem 100 reward points, you will get a discount of $5.

You can redeem your reward points as a discount on your next or subsequent purchases.

Please note: Reward points cannot be encashed.

How can I redeem my reward points?

Using a slider on the shopping cart, you can easily redeem your reward points. Select the proper number of reward points you wish to redeem. You can even redeem the reward points by entering the required number in the box provided instead of a slider.

Please Note :Reward points equivalent to 10% of the order value can only redeemed.

For example, if the value of your order is $500, then 10% of $500 is $50. This means that the maximum number of reward points which can be redeemed by you for this purchase is 1000, because as per the value of reward points, 100 points is equal to $5.

How long will it take for my reward points to be reflected in my account?

Once your order gets shipped, your account will get credited with reward points. Normally, your account gets credited with the reward points within 2 to 3 days from placing the order. In case of any assistance, please email us at

Is it possible to encash the reward points I earn?

Redeeming the accumulated reward points into cash is not possible. You can redeem the Reward points as discounts on your future purchases at DiscountPetMart.

How can I manage my earned reward points?

It is easy to manage all your reward points by simply logging into your registered account. Once you log in, go to ‘My Account’, and then click on ‘My Reward Points’. Here you can check & manage all your debited and credited reward points.

Do my reward points ever expire?

Your reward points do expire when not used for 10 months from the date they were credited to your account. For more information, Email us at

Terms & Conditions:

  • Reward points earned are only applicable for DiscountPetMart’s Reward Points Program. It can be earned and redeemed only at DiscountPetMart’s store.
  • Reward points cannot be redeemed once they expire.
  • Reward points cannot be redeemed or converted into cash.
  • Except at DiscountPetMart, Reward points cannot be redeemed or earned on any other online pet store or Reward Program.
  • Reward Points Program can be discontinued, declared void or invalid at anytime without any prior notice.
  • Redemption rate, monetary equivalence, and validity of reward points can be changed, updated or cancelled at anytime without any prior notice.
  • Rewards points of only 10% of the order value can be redeemed.
  • Reward points cannot be shared or transferred to any other account. It can only be redeemed by a particular customer who has earned it.
  • The maximum discount (including all other discounts) will all be applied on your order.