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I want to give these people a big thank you. It's been almost a year since I started using this website. In the last one year, I have ordered many pet medications and products and I saved a lot on my purchase. Their prices are far better than competitor sites and the delivery is reliable. So far, my experience was really good. Will keep making purchases. TY DiscountPetMart. This name suits you!!

John S. Sep 05, 2023

My neighbor told me about this site and the offers. So amazing offers. I have a farm and I frequently need pet supplies. is just the best for me! The delivery is also very reliable and often within anticipated time frame.

Jannie J. Aug 17, 2023
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I lv it. I recently started buying from this site, and my experience is very positive. The delivery was scheduled as I asked the customer care service. I am happy with their service. Now to subscribed to their auto-order feature as it gives added discounts.

Faith A. Aug 06, 2023

One of my friends suggested this site to me. I was really amazed by the price point of view, and I really feel I was overpaying for the pet products before. I have ordered some 6-7 products from this platform and my experience was great. I received my deliveries on time, rather than late. I am grateful to my friend who recommended me this site. Finally been able to save some money.

Thomas S. Jul 27, 2023

The prices of all the products on this site are very reasonable and are affordable for everyone. I have 3 dogs and 5 cats, and their expense was crossing the ceiling for me. but now bcs of discount pet mart, I am able to manage my expenses and still provide the best care to my babies. I just their pricing!

Ronnie S. Jul 21, 2023

This e-store is just amazing. I am able to find all my pet care needs at a single place. The delivery and the backend team assistance is commendable. Will surely buy again. You have got another long run customer DiscountPetMart

Clara F. Jul 16, 2023

I am very impressed with the quick delivery and competitive prices. I would definitely buy again from here.

Rachel K. Jun 22, 2023

I have always had a lovely experience with discountpetmart. The customer service executives are very supportive and the delivery is fast.

Joseph K. Jun 01, 2023

Excellent store. I prefer to buy my dog's essentials from here because of the big discounts that they provide. I highly recommend discount pet mart.

Leila S. May 24, 2023

Affordable. Quick shipping. Responsive customer service. Helpful. Good quality products. This site has got everything a pet parent needs. I love it!

Gracia J. Apr 21, 2023

Super-amazing and affordable online store. I’ve got many products at the lowest price and saved a lot by shopping here for all my pet essentials. Big thanks for all those savings and looking forward to saving more on my future pet products orders. Keep up the fantastic work going, guys!

Lily D. Feb 08, 2023

There is a wide selection of pet products at fair prices, my furry friends are getting all they want without cutting my pocket. I can find identical pet products marketed at much higher prices here for much less money.

Camlin J. Jan 10, 2023

They are quick at delivering the orders. I’ve recently bought few preventatives for my Recko, and got them before the promised time. I am extremely pleased with the orders and how fast it was delivered. Big thanks!

Jennifer K. Dec 02, 2022

Big thanks to you guys! Now, I don’t need to travel to the vet or other pet supplies stores for my pet essentials. I can get all the necessary pet products with a few clicks and that too at the incredibly cheapest price. Thumbs up!

Ethan L. Nov 08, 2022

There are a lot of pet products to choose from with incredibly lower prices than other online pet supplies stores and vets. Easy and convenient website to order, just a few clicks and done. Thumbs up!

Daniel S. Oct 03, 2022

Great choice for a good online shopping experience. My first choice is always Discount Pet Mart, they have the best prices and great deals. Always surprises me in a good way. Love buying from here only.

Racheal A. Aug 29, 2022

Ordered a few products from this store and received them on time. I got all the products in a well-packed box with some extra discounts. Will definitely buy all my future pet essentials from here.

Quinton A. Aug 09, 2022

Loved this online pet supplies store. They have all we need for our furry pals at an incredible lowest price. Responsive customer care support and free shipping. What else do we need! Thumbs up!

Elena A. Jul 21, 2022

Prompt and Quick Deliveries. Using this store for months for all the essential pet supplies for our furry friends. Never have had any delays in order deliveries, they are always on time. After subscribing their automatic monthly order we don’t even need to re-order our regular products for our little pups. Happy with their service. Big thumbs up!

Maria A. Jul 09, 2022

Couldn’t find a better online pet supplies store than this. Deliveries are always on time and at affordable pricing.

Anderson J. Jun 23, 2022

Quick shipping and excellent customer service. Will definitely buy all my pet essentials from here.

Henry G. Jun 11, 2022

They are the only place that I know where I can get the best offers and incredible discounts on all my furry pal’s essentials. Shipping is also on time and super friendly customer service. I will always gonna purchase all my pet’s essentials from here!

Bronson M. May 22, 2022

They are the best online supplier for pet products. I always feel comfortable and secure while shopping here at DiscountPetMart, they always deliver on time and has amazing lowest prices compared to other big-name stores

Theodre T. Apr 21, 2022

Positive experience, this online pet supplies store had very friendly and knowledgeable employees. The way their customer support executive guided me for the correct size and product for my fido was appreciable and very helpful. Ordered for now and will definitely purchase all my future pet essentials from here.

Micahel R. Mar 31, 2022

This is the only place where I buy all my essential pet supplies for my fido. This online store is very well stocked and has everything at an affordable price. It is an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly online pet supplies store. I would strongly recommend this amazing shop to every pet parent.

Jack W. Mar 07, 2022

It's my first time ordering from this company, and I'm glad I did. It was quite simple to place an order. Shipment was completed in a very short period of time. My orders were well-protected. And everything was brand new and just as described. In addition, due to a reasonable minimum order requirement, my shipment was free. I'll definitely place all my future pet supplies orders with them.

Lisa A. Mar 02, 2022

Great online pet supplies site, it is easy to navigate, completely user-friendly and has definitely much lower prices than any other online stores I have ever come across. Big thumbs up!

Lily J. Feb 11, 2022

I am really delighted with the prices and the speed with which I receive my orders. I haven't been able to get the puppy formula I want in local pet stores, but I can always purchase it here for a lower price. Excellent value for money and prompt delivery. A big thumbs up!

Mark L. Jan 30, 2022

Couldn’t find a better online pet supplies shop than this. Amazing pricing, quick deliveries, and helpful customer support service. Finally, I got the best shop for all my pet essentials. Very pleased to have you guys for my Rocko. Big thanks!

Richard D. Jan 20, 2022

I started shopping DiscountPetMart for all my pet essentials for the past few weeks and find it very friendly and convenient. This online shop always stocked up with quality products and has affordable rates for all the brand-name stuff. Glad to have you for all our furry friends needs. Thanks!

Laren G. Jan 06, 2022

Always very helpful and friendly. Never got disappointed with their customer service and product quality. Shipping is always on time. Stocked up with all the necessary stuff for our beloved Rido! Thumbs up!

Cathey C. Dec 30, 2021

Always on time! I am using this online pet supplies for months and ordered several pet products for my Lab. They were well-packaged and handled very well. Also, the prices are very affordable here for the same quality products which are far more costly in the local shops. A good place to save a few bucks!

Neesham F. Dec 10, 2021

While looking for dog supplies, I came across this company. They had everything I needed. I contacted to see whether it was still available. Someone returned my call and informed me that it was. It was purchased by me. When the items were dispatched, an email was sent to notify me. Excellent customer service; I'm glad I found them.

Max S. Nov 24, 2021

It has always been simple to navigate and locate items for my fido. They sell everything for pets, from supplements and vitamins to flea and tick treatments and other pet accessories. A big thumbs up for being there for our pets! You guys are doing an excellent job.

Lammer R. Nov 11, 2021

The best online store I have ever encountered on the internet, we can get all the pet essentials at the lowest price with no shipping cost. Amazing pet supplies shop. My doggos are happy and so am I. BIG thanks to you guys! Thumbs up!

Damian P. Oct 11, 2021

Thank God, I stumbled upon this fantastic online pet supply store. They really make it simple. They are completely knowledgeable about my dogs' nutritional needs. They are familiar with picky/fussy eaters. Quality treatments and supplements are available at reasonable prices. Outstanding customer service. Thumbs up!

Kiana J. Sep 27, 2021

My mother recommended to me. I've been shopping for my cat here for a long time. Whether it was supplements or medication, everything was delivered on time and in perfect condition. I felt compelled to write this review because of the consistency of such service.

Jason V. Sep 21, 2021

I just love shopping for my furry mate from DiscountPetMart. Customer support is very friendly and helpful, I was having problems with emails and store coupons and staff helped me work through the problem and was resolved. Even offered to order specialty supplements I wanted for my pup. Easy to navigate and convenient pet supplies online store!

Jenny A. Sep 02, 2021

Never got disappointed by this great online pet supplies store. I can easily get big names quality products at a very cost-effective price. Moreover, they are quick in shipping and has professional customer support as well. Big thumbs up guys!

Lucy F. Aug 28, 2021

The website is simple to use, friendly, and the prices are lower than at big box stores for identical things. Other items of higher grade are also available. It is the finest place to go for all of your pet's needs at a low cost and with the promise of high quality. Keep up the good work!

Asher T. Aug 23, 2021

I just love to shop here. Discount Pet Mart has all we want for our fur buddies; whether it’s for our cats or dogs they stock all up. Quality products at very affordable prices are one of the many reasons that hold us to this amazing online pet supplies shop. Plus, free shipping, discounts, offers and much more!

Jaiden K. Aug 03, 2021

Highly recommend DiscountPetMart. They all No question goes unanswered and assistance is always provided. All employees clearly appear to be animal lovers. Always a pleasure to stop in for my dog supplies!!

Isabella S. Jul 24, 2021

I've been ordering from here a couple of times now and they've been fantastic. Super quick order turnaround and quick delivery. The range of dog supplies is really good. They have some items that you don't get anywhere else. Prices are very competitive. Would definitely recommend this.

Frederic M. Jul 09, 2021

Like most, I was a little hesitant to deal with them due to my unfamiliarity with them. They were responsive and open about the item I wanted, cost, shipping, etc. Within a few days, I had the item on my doorstep and could not be happier. Well done.

Shelton G. Jul 02, 2021

I have 3 dogs, and I've been purchasing for them online for years. However, this was my first order from Discount Pet Mart, which was recommended to me by a friend lately, and I decided to give it a try for this month's pet supplies. I had a fantastic experience, and my item was delivered on time. I'll always shop here from now on!

Lucifer K. Jun 25, 2021

Discount Pet Mart’s prices are reasonable and competitive. Almost all of the goods I've ordered have arrived in record time. It is my first choice for ordering anything for my pets. I just love this super pocket-friendly online store.

James A. Jun 12, 2021

Now I don't need to shop local anymore it's delivered right to my front door with savings no other stores around here even compares with it! Thank you so much DiscountPetMart! I am so happy and pleased with your quality products and superb customer service.

Joey R. May 31, 2021

I love this pet supplies store. The prices are reasonable, and customer service is always friendly & helpful whenever I need to call with a question. Got what I wanted!

Eileen G. May 26, 2021

I've been using DiscountPetMart for a year and have been very pleased with their shipping services and auto-ship. My orders were normally delivered on the day promised, if not a day later. It's not a big deal; I plan around it and still have a few extra items on hand in case of delays. This is a fantastic place to shop!

Atkinston A. May 19, 2021

I called first because I had a few questions before placing my order. I was assisted by a very pleasant and knowledgeable gentleman. I placed the order at the time, and it arrived a few days later. I saved about $60 compared to what I normally pay. I am very happy - in fact, delighted! Excellent service, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery!

Jude X. Apr 04, 2021

I've been ordering from DiscountPetMart for a long time and have never had a problem receiving the items, which are also reasonably priced. I have two dogs and two cats, and I treat them all with a range of pet products and worming tablets. Any item purchased from this site has never produced any side effects on any of my pets, and I have never been worried about their health.

Kellyanne H. Mar 30, 2021

I frequently use Discount Pet Mart, and they consistently provide excellent service. I appreciate how they explain products in great detail. It greatly aids in making the best decision for my fur baby. I will never go anywhere for my pet's products! I enjoy shopping here!:)

Aarianna Y. Mar 25, 2021

They have quick and efficient order processing services that have helped us to process a lot more orders without causing any issues. Trusting others is difficult, but DiscoutPetMart has proven to be a reliable service provider. We hope to establish a long-term business relationship with them.

Gerard A. Mar 21, 2021

DiscountPetMart not only provided us with pet products in bulk, but they also played a major part in delivering the products safely at a particular time. This is exactly what we were looking for!

Pharrell W. Mar 13, 2021

I realised my pets and home had a flea infestation that had gotten out of hand. I wanted to get rid of fleas as soon as possible. Hence I ordered treatment for my pets from DiscountPetMart, which arrived fast, and I haven't seen any fleas after the administration of doses. The experience was fantastic, and the price is extremely reasonable. I’d highly recommend this site to anyone.

Nancy R. Mar 05, 2021

The supplies from here are good and effective. They work well and I am reasonably happy with it. Thanks, DiscountPetMart. I will be coming back for more supplies if I need in the near future. Thanks!

Shane W. Feb 28, 2021

Not a fan of online shopping, but due to COVID-19, I had to give it a try. And I must say, I made a very good decision of choosing DiscountPetMart. The supplies here are of immaculate quality and the discounts most certainly tempted me. An incredible store. Thank you!

Kurtis P. Feb 17, 2021

I have been buying my pet supplies from here because of the quality. Its really good and they keep my pet safe and healthy. Thank you DiscountPetMart.

Nancy L. Feb 11, 2021

Have been highly impressed with this website. Their supplies are of amazing quality and has helped my pet immensely. Thank you DiscountPetMart!

Samuel Y. Feb 07, 2021

There are quite a few online stores that sell amazing pet supplies, but there is something about DiscountPetMart that makes me come back here whenever I need some supplies for my dogs. I honestly love the quality of the products and besides, you get discounts great discounts, which is always so good.

Keith D. Jan 28, 2021

Over the years, I've always enjoyed my shopping from DiscountPetMart, especially during these troubled times with COVID going around. The quality of the products have always been amazing and one of the main reasons why I shop from here is because of the discounts. Amazing discounts, always.

Connor M. Jan 24, 2021

Like most who prefer more online shopping to cut out traveling and other expenses, I also often use to shop online for my Retriever Baxter for all his health care needs. My first and foremost choice is Discount Pet Mart, it always makes me surprise with the discounted prices and the quality products. Shipping is also on or before time, never got delayed. Great shop for online buying!

Frederic K. Jan 11, 2021

I use Discount Pet Mart often, 99% of the time they do a tremendous job. I like how they describe products in detail it helps very much with the decision making for the right product for my fur baby. Definitely will never go anywhere for my pet’s stuff! Happy to shop here!

Emma A. Jan 08, 2021

This is obvious that when we buy frequently there can be an error from our end resulting in ordering the wrong product. is one such website where I never had to worry about any issues as their customer service is fantastic. Really recommend this website.

Natalie J. Jan 07, 2021

This is obvious that when we buy frequently there can be an error from our end resulting in ordering the wrong product. is one such website where I never had to worry about any issues as their customer service is fantastic. Really recommend this website.

Natalie J. Jan 07, 2021

I am very happy with all my purchases since, I have been shopping on Discount Pet Mart.

Mark G. Dec 28, 2020

This is my first time buying pet favorites here. Great service and great packaging. The staff is quite helpful here. They always answer my queries. Will be a regular buyer here.

Liz C. Dec 15, 2020

Would recommend this online store if you're looking for pet products at least prices. recently purchased and happy with the products.

Woods A. Nov 29, 2020

Would recommend this online store if you're looking for pet products at least prices. recently purchased and happy with the products.

Woods A. Nov 29, 2020

Range of Best products to choose from and happy with their delivery services. The packaging is always in good condition. Would shop again.

Deag V. Nov 24, 2020

Overall very happy with your products and service. Thank you.

Dempsey C. Oct 29, 2020

This is my 1st time ordering through Discountpetmart - was very happy with price and free shipping. Ordered 12 boxes of flea treatment, it came within 4 days (to an area outside of New York). Staff were very nice - they called the day before as I was a 1st time customer and they wanted to confirm my address and give me an ETA. Very happy, I'll be buying here again.

Grant W. Oct 20, 2020

What fantastic service from the team! Delivery within a week - an absolute lifesaver!"

Roger D. Sep 28, 2020

Hi just wanted to thank you for my free doses - it will come in good use and will last this winter!

Debbie L. Sep 15, 2020

Great Customer Service, Top brand name products at lowest prices and ease of quick shopping. The Best!!!. Will be shopping here again.

Trevor W. Sep 07, 2020

Great prices! The staff is absolutely fabulous, they are super nice & helpful! This is the only online pet store we purchase any & everything for our pets!

Angela R. Aug 25, 2020

Got supplements for our mix breed collie at the best prices, great service and free shipping. what more you can ask.

Darrel B. Aug 14, 2020

Staff here is very friendly and helpful, I was having problems with emails and store coupons and staff helped me work through problem and was resolved.

Arturo W. Aug 07, 2020

One of the best sites online that offer such a great experience. Happy buying pet supplies here. "

Green D. Jul 29, 2020

Thank you for being the best store for my boys needs! I share your company name with my friends. Are prices are great. I now make sure that Westie gets his monthly treatment.

Charline W. Jul 10, 2020

Thank you for being the best store for my boys needs! I share your company name with my friends. Are prices are great. I now make sure that Westie gets his monthly treatment.

Charline W. Jul 10, 2020

I am so glad that I found you online. Thank You!

Patricia M. Jun 24, 2020

Thanks, received this order just now. I just wanted to let you all know that you are doing an amazing job in spite of the unprecedented times. Fantastic service. All the best, Stay safe!

Green W. Jun 02, 2020

Thanks, received this order just now. I just wanted to let you all know that you are doing an amazing job in spite of the unprecedented times. Fantastic service. All the best, Stay safe!

Green W. Jun 02, 2020

Give Jake a pat on his head, He has done a good job. Happy customer

Frank L. May 21, 2020

Always so helpful and so friendly even during this difficult time. Love buying at Discount petmart for my pet collars.

Shinbr B. Apr 16, 2020

No extra charges and no damaged order. Thanks for delivery. Hope all of stay safe and healthy during such critical time of history.

Christinae R. Mar 28, 2020

I love how helpful the staff are. They are patient and friendly.

Rafael S. Mar 19, 2020

excellent service and fast delivery. would recommend it.

Diane L. Mar 11, 2020

My pet care products site. Love the deals on flea treatments- I bought in bulk and it was definitely cheaper than any other way. This website is the way to go!

Simmons M. Jan 26, 2020

Delivery took 10 business days, but the support service is excellent. Fantastic people with great service, would recommend to buy with confidence. will buy our pet favorites soon.

Conner F. Jan 09, 2020

What they say, they do! They deliver the products within the given time frame and do so with great care. Besides, the packaging is top notch and products are handled nicely. Great place to shop from for your pets.

Ronald S. Dec 11, 2019

Fabulous Online store, Absolutely love to order from you. Service is amazing and deals are great. thank you will keep buying in 2020 Merry Xmas to all at Discountpetmart.

Mandy R. Dec 10, 2019

Amazing! I love this site. It offer brand products and shopping here is easier. User-friendly and excellent customer service. Highly recommend

Conor M. Dec 10, 2019