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K9 Advantix Small Dogs/Pups 1-10 lbs (Green)

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K9 Advantix Small Dogs/Pups 1-10 lbs (Green)
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K9 Advantix- Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

K9 Advantix is a topical treatment that kills multiple parasites. It is a broad-spectrum treatment that protects against fleas, ticks, chewing lice, insects, mosquitoes, sand flies, and stable flies. The K9 Advantix topical treatment kills by contact, meaning the fleas or ticks don’t have to attach or bite the host for the treatment to be effective. It has a ‘hot foot’ activity, which does not allow the ticks to stick on the treated dog, thus repelling the parasites. K9 Advantix can kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours.

K9 Advantix for Dogs

K9 Advantix contains 2 active ingredients- Imidacloprid and Permethrin which attack the central nervous system of the parasites. They block the sodium channels which are responsible for message transmission, thus causing muscle spasms, culminating in paralysis and eventually death. This is a waterproof treatment, designed with safety margins for use in pregnant and lactating dogs. It is safe to use for dogs of all sizes and puppies older than 7 weeks of age.


Imidacloprid and Permethrin

Direction for use
  • Let the dog stand comfortably
  • Part the fur between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible
  • Place the tip of pipette and let all the liquid squeezed out
  • Let the application site dry completely and do not touch that area
  • Apply at a single spot for small and medium dogs
  • For dogs weighing above 20 lbs, apply at 3-4 spots across the backbone

Consult a vet before treating sick and debilitated dogs.


1L solution contains-

100g/L Imidacloprid, 500g/L Permethrin & solvent- 484g/L N-Methylpyrrolidone

Dog Weight

Dog Size

Pack Color


1-10 lbs

Small Dogs



11-20 lbs

Medium Dogs



21-55 lbs

Large Dogs



>55 lbs

Extra Large Dogs



Key Benefits
  • One topical treatment for multiple parasites including fleas, ticks, chewing lice, insects, and mosquitoes
  • It kills fleas before they can lay eggs on the host, thus preventing re-infestations
  • It has a ‘hot foot’ mechanism that does not allow the ticks to stick onto the host
  • Repels parasites for one whole month
  • Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
  • Kills the fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours of administration
  • Safe for use in puppies older than 7 weeks of age and for pregnant or lactating dogs
  • It is a waterproof treatment that remains effective even after the dog gets wet
  • Treatment is meant for dog use only
  • Do not give it to any other animal
  • Let the application site to dry. Do not let your pet lick on the treat area
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Keep away from eyes and mouth
  • Store in a dry place, below 30 °C
  • The treated pet can be allowed to get wet only after 48 hours of application
  • In case of any reactive signs like itching, soreness, and lethargy, visit a vet immediately
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