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K9 Advantix for Dogs

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K9 Advantix- Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

K9 Advantix is a topical treatment that kills multiple parasites. It is a broad-spectrum treatment that protects against fleas, ticks, chewing lice, insects, mosquitoes, sand flies, and stable flies. The K9 Advantix topical treatment kills by contact, meaning the fleas or ticks don’t have to attach or bite the host for the treatment to be effective. It has a ‘hot foot’ activity, which does not allow the ticks to stick on the treated dog, thus repelling the parasites. K9 Advantix can kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours.

K9 Advantix for Dogs

K9 Advantix contains 2 active ingredients- Imidacloprid and Permethrin which attack the central nervous system of the parasites. They block the sodium channels which are responsible for message transmission, thus causing muscle spasms, culminating in paralysis and eventually death. This is a waterproof treatment, designed with safety margins for use in pregnant and lactating dogs. It is safe to use for dogs of all sizes and puppies older than 7 weeks of age.

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No need to worry about fleas and pests

Victoria Sep 21, 2023

Unique action formula

I was readings and comparing different product in this category, ordered this

Simon Aug 18, 2023

Great product


larry Jul 15, 2023


This is effective against parasites. No more fleas, ticks, or other insects that can disturb my baby. Good results and no side effects.

Maria Sep 12, 2022

Price is quite good

I always rely on topical treatments. Till now I find this much more effective. Also, the price is reasonable.

Avery Mar 08, 2021

12 chews pack

Amazing topical. Bought the 12 chews pack for my buddy.

Jack Feb 23, 2021

Sand flies and fleas

Good remover. Helps remove sand flies and fleas instantly.

Amanda Feb 22, 2021

All fleas

Kills all fleas. So good.

Ben Feb 14, 2021

Topical Advantix

Amazing topical. Advantix is full of quality.

Will Feb 07, 2021

K9 Advantix topical

This K9 topical is wonderful and worth it.

Jaime Jan 28, 2021

best buy

No headache trying to pull out all those stubborn ticks. They simply fall off, thanks to this miraculous product.

Dylan Jan 13, 2021

quick results

This is a perfect product for these blood-sucking parasites. Better than other local brands.

Benjamin Jan 12, 2021

Swift action against ticks

Awesome swift action against ticks as well as against fleas.

Travis Jul 14, 2020

Good for fleas and ticks

Good flea and tick removing product for dogs. Great and effective.

Brett Jul 05, 2020