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Essential 6 for Dogs

Price Starts From: $30.59

Essential 6 Up To 22 lbs (Small)

Pack Size
4 Pipette

Essential 6 22-45 lbs (Medium)

Pack Size
4 Pipette

Essential 6 45-90 lbs (Large)

Pack Size
4 Pipette
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Essential 6 for Dogs – Skin Health Topical Treatment

Dermoscent Essential 6 is a potent formula designed for maintaining healthy skin health and enhancing the coat of the dog. This topical treatment protects your dog from dry and scaly skin. Moreover, it also moisturizes the skin and lowers the risk of various skin conditions like flaking, shedding, and scaling. The hypoallergenic product hydrates the dog’s skin during summers, eliminates bad odor, and emits pleasant scent during the rainy season. In addition, this treatment also works on dry and scaly skin. Hence, Essential 6 is an ideal spot on formula to maintain good skin health and enhances the fur sheen.

Essential 6 for Dogs – Improves Skin and Coat Health

Essential 6 for dogs is packed with essential fatty acids and essential oils that assist in eliminating bad odor. These components moisturize dry skin and support overall health. Furthermore, for the betterment of the dog’s skin, this spot on contains 100% natural plant sourced ingredients with no additional fragrance. Components like hemp seed and neem seed oils produce high concentration essential oils. Furthermore, the bio-diffusing agent assists in equal distribution of the solution all over the body for optimal results. This formula radiates your dog’s skin and promotes lustrous coat.


Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, Hemp & Neem oils, Vitamin E, and 10 essential oils

Direction for use
  • Break and detach the snap-off top of the pipette by folding forward and backward.
  • Part aside the hair of the pet and apply the entire pipette on between the shoulder blades of the dog.
  • Ensure that you apply at one or two spots and directly on the skin.
  • For optimal results, weekly application is recommended for 2 consecutive months.
  • After initial treatment, you can apply it twice a week.
Key Benefits
  • It’s a powerful spot on solution that prevents dry, scaly, and dull skin of the dog
  • Essential 6 assists in controlling bad odor and hair loss
  • This is an ideal treatment for all kind of skin types
  • It is a long lasting solution with deodorizing effect
  • The nutrients improve skin health and maintain fur sheen
  • Cures itchy and irritated skin
  • Restores the hydration level of the skin
  • It can be used with other spot on treatments.
  • Essential 6 is for dogs over 3 months of age.
  • Store it at room temperature.


  • Keep the product away from children and other pets.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.


  • Safety of the product on breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs has not been evaluated yet.
  • Do not apply the solution before and after washing the pet.
Customer Reviews
Afforable supplement

Very affodable omega oils supplement

Highly essential

Just like humans, even pets need a little extra care to keep up the enchanting looks. Essential 6, as the name suggests, is extremely essential! Recommended!

Maintains healthy skin

Good product that helps maintain healthy skin.