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Essential 6 for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 26 Reviews

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Dermoscent Essential 6 is a potent formula designed for maintaining healthy skin health and enhancing the coat of the dog. This topical treatment protects your dog from dry and scaly skin. Moreover, it also moisturizes the skin and lowers the risk of various skin conditions like flaking, shedding, and scaling. The hypoallergenic product hydrates the dog’s skin during summers, eliminates bad odor, and emits pleasant scent during the rainy season. In addition, this treatment also works on dry and scaly skin. Hence, Essential 6 is an ideal spot on formula to maintain good skin health and enhances the fur sheen.

Essential 6 for Dogs – Improves Skin and Coat Health

Essential 6 for dogs is packed with essential fatty acids and essential oils that assist in eliminating bad odor. These components moisturize dry skin and support overall health. Furthermore, for the betterment of the dog’s skin, this spot on contains 100% natural plant sourced ingredients with no additional fragrance. Components like hemp seed and neem seed oils produce high concentration essential oils. Furthermore, the bio-diffusing agent assists in equal distribution of the solution all over the body for optimal results. This formula radiates your dog’s skin and promotes lustrous coat.

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Best and Effective

The best and effective product I have ever used.

Camely Jun 10, 2022

Amazing product

Unbelievably great! Best treatment I ever had

Vance May 31, 2022

Best product

Couldn't find a better product than this. This is the best way to go!

Ryan Mar 07, 2022

No complaints

Using this product from many years. No complaints.

Gary Feb 09, 2022

No complaints

Using for months, no complaints. Works well!

Kimran Jan 27, 2022

Best Product

Couldn't find a better product than this. Works well for my doggo!

Mathew Jan 11, 2022

Nice product

It keeps my doggo long hair coat shiny and smooth. Also protects him from dry and scaly skin.

Jonah Oct 18, 2021

Great Product

Using for months but never had any problem with this. It always works well.

Hannah Jun 26, 2021

Truly the best for my lab

Truly the best for my lab's skin and coat.

John Jun 14, 2021

Great Product

No other product worked as effectively as this. Great product for our furry friends.

Smith May 21, 2021

Great for skin

No more hair loss for our Roney, his skin is way better than it was before.

John Apr 19, 2021

Good quality products at low prices

The staff is genuinely customer-focused, delivery is lightning fast, the buying process is clear and straightforward, and the prices are considerably lower than those of my local pet stores. Thank you so much!

Hannah Apr 07, 2021

High-quality products.

I always order pet supplies from DiscountPetMart because I know they will always send high-quality products. I also don't have to go anywhere to get the items my dog needs. And that's fantastic.

David Mar 30, 2021

So fast, so easy, and such a good deal!

When it comes to pet supplies, I always go to Discount Pet Mart. My orders are far less expensive than if I purchased them elsewhere. The speed with which deliveries are made is incredible.

Jacqueline Mar 23, 2021

Amazing supplement

Skincare supplement is as much important for pets as for humans. Essential 6 is an amazing supplement in maintaining healthy skin and enhancing coat's shine.

Julian Mar 18, 2021

Highly essential

Just like humans, even pets need a little extra care to keep up the enchanting looks. Essential 6, as the name suggests, is extremely essential! Recommended!

Jayde Mar 15, 2021

Great result

Our NGO rescued a dog whose skin was damaged due to an unhygienic lifestyle. We opted for this treatment and today, no one can believe how we picked him up!

Jayden Mar 09, 2021

Good for skin and hair

Great product in maintaining healthy skin and sleek fur of my dog. I love to pat him all the time even more .

Victoria Mar 05, 2021

For skin care

Good product for skin care.

Peter Feb 28, 2021

An essential product

Such an essential product for my dog. Love it.

Shayne Feb 18, 2021

Essential 6

This Essential 6 product is just too good.

Eugenie Feb 11, 2021

Maintains healthy skin

Good product that helps maintain healthy skin.

Mitch Feb 02, 2021

Good skin care treatment

Really good skin care treatment.

Harvey Jan 19, 2021

Safe and Effective

My buddy has healthy skin and coat now, I am using it for a long time safe and it works.

Harper Jan 18, 2021

Keeps skin healthy

Keeps the skin of my pal healthy and in good shape.

Washington Jul 23, 2020

Good product

It has greatly helped in improving the texture of our dog's skin.

Ira Jul 06, 2020