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Wound Gard for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 24 Reviews

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Wound Gard in an effective antiseptic spray for dogs specially designed for rapid wound healing. Virbac Wound Gard is an easy to apply spray that helps to treat major, minor, and post surgical wounds. The antiseptic cream possesses antibacterial properties that prevent germ attacks and further infections.

Wound Gard Antiseptic Spray for Dogs

Wound Gard contains 5 main ingredients that include: Chlorhexidine (di) Gluconate, Denatonium benzoate, Eucalyptus oil, Menthol, and Phenoxyethanol. These ingredients are antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. This spray is bitter in taste that forbids the pet from licking wound and blocks further infection and damage. Wound Gard repairs damaged skin cells and helps in faster recovery of wounded skin. This easy-to-use spray promotes quick healing of the ruptured skin tissues and disinfects the wound instantly.

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Works well

Using this for months never had any problem with it.

Daisy Jul 19, 2021

Excellent Product

The product exactly does what its label says!

Barley Jul 11, 2021

Works Wonders!

Great product with effective antibacterial properties. Works wonders!

Emilia Jun 23, 2021

Aids in the faster healing

Aided in the faster healing of my dog's wounds.

Kaizen Jun 14, 2021

Aids in the faster healing

Aided in the faster healing of my dog's wounds.

Kaizen Jun 14, 2021

Aids in the faster healing

Aided in the faster healing of my dog's wounds.

Kaizen Jun 14, 2021

Great Healer

Because of its antibacterial properties it is more than a handy product when it comes to healing of wounds.

Sammy Apr 14, 2021

Great For Wounds

This works on different wounds and help them heal completely .

Rachel Apr 12, 2021

Low prices

Amazing prices, would love to buy local but can't afford it, so as long as Budget Pet Supplies has such low prices, I'll keep buying here.

Brian Apr 06, 2021

Good place to buy pet supplies

Good place to buy Wound Gard for Dogs, Delivery is a little slow, but I've never had any problems. I'm going to buy all of my pet supplies from this website!

Cash Mar 30, 2021

Happy with the outcome

I have used this antiseptic spray to disinfect wounds on my dogs for quite a time now. I would say not only I was able to see quick healing of wounds but also my dog was in less pain after the usage

Abana Mar 21, 2021

Effective spray

One of the best antiseptic sprays I have used for my pets. It was able to heal wounds properly without any infections. Great!

Cass Mar 17, 2021

Wound spray works great

I never knew there is a wound spray this good. My dog was able to run and jump around just after using a couple of time

Lincoln Mar 15, 2021

Eased his pain

This product has helped ease the wound pain for my dog. He suffered a lot for the last 2 days. I could see a sign of relief in him.

Scarlett Mar 08, 2021

Rapid healing

It was beneficial to shop for wound guard since my dog licks the area that increases the chance of infection. This helps to heal faster

Elizabeth Mar 03, 2021

Proper antiseptic spray

Wound gard is really good. A proper antiseptic spray for my pet.

Mitch Feb 25, 2021

It prevents the wound from increasing

A good product. Prevents wound from getting worse.

Katya Feb 23, 2021

Antiseptic product

Really good antiseptic product.

Hans Feb 15, 2021

Guards the wounds

Does well. Guards all kinds of wounds.

James Feb 07, 2021

Wound Gard is amazing

Wound Gard is an excellent treatment.

Mary Jan 28, 2021


Amazing recovery for my buddy. He's back to running around all over the place. Just sprayed on him and it started its work, giving instant relief.

Elijah Jan 13, 2021

Healer and Protector

My buddy never lets bandage stick on his wounds for more than 5 mins, This spray really helped me protect his wounds.

Nolan Jan 12, 2021

Effective antiseptic spray

Lovely and effective spray. Used for rapid wound healing.

Cara Jul 21, 2020


I recently got Wound Gard for my pooch and it is really good.

ray Jul 06, 2020