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Travel Anxiety For Dogs/Cats 15 mL

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Travel Anxiety For Dogs/Cats 15 mL
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Travel anxiety is the most recommended homeopathic remedy for pets dealing with symptoms of travel anxiety. This oral treatment is easy to use and provides relief to pets that face anxiety due to motion sickness and travel phobias and keeps them calm. It’s a fast-acting remedy that helps the pets in relieving the stress during traveling.

Travel Anxiety Relief Homeopathic Remedy for Pet

Travel Anxiety is an all-natural remedy for travel anxiety among dogs, cats, and other small animals. Ingredients like Cocculus helps with motion sickness, Borax, and Colchicum Autumnale helps prevent nausea and vomiting while Passiflora and Valeriana aids in calming the fear of the pet. Travel Anxiety is helpful, especially in puppies and kittens when they’re traveling for the first time.


Borax (Borate of Sodium), Cocculus Indicus, Colchicum Autumnale (Meadow Saffron), Passiflora (Passionflower), and Valeriana (Valerian Root)

Direction for use
  • It can be administered directly into the mouth or can be mixed in food or water.
  • Doses can be given every 15 minutes (up to 4 doses) in acute cases.
  • In case of chronic and long term problems, administer one dose three times every day.
  • It’s advised to start the treatment 5-7 days before traveling so that the pet remains calm.
  • After initial treatment, the dose can be reduced to twice daily and eventually, once a day.

Dosage instructions for both cats and dogs –

  • 5 drops for pets weighing less than 20lbs/10kg.
  • 10 drops for pets weighing between 21-60 lbs/ 11-30 kg.
  • 15 drops for pets weighing between 61-100 lbs/ 31-45 kg.
  • 20 drops for pets over Over 100 lbs/45 kg
Key Benefits
  • Very helpful in traveling with pets who suffer from stress and anxiety
  • Reduces motion sickness in pets
  • Assists in overcoming stress symptoms like nausea, drooling, or cowering while traveling
  • Helps fight travel anxiety
  • Non-sedative treatment with fast-acting properties
  • It’s easy to administer with no side effects
  • Completely safe for pets
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Keep the product away from strong odors.


  • Stop the remedy if the symptoms still persist after the treatment.
  • Consult the vet before administering it on pregnant pets.


  • Do not overdose the treatment.
  • Consult your vet if you observe any adverse reaction.
Customer Reviews
best anxiety product

have been using it for four years during vacation travel and keeps our dogs under control. however this year we were not able to but it helped to keep them well from indoor depressions.

Best of all!!

The best travel anxiety product I used my dog, very effective

Recommended treatment

Highly recommended. Its excellent when pets are traveling.