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Seresto Flea Collar for Cats

Rating 4/5 based on 62 Reviews

Price Starts From $32.68

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Seresto Collar- Excellent Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

Seresto Collar for Cats is an excellent flea treatment for fussy cats. This innovative collar developed with advanced technology provides long lasting flea and tick protection. It destroys fleas and controls flea infestations. The collar treatment is also effective against ticks and prevents tick infestations. The flea collar offers continuous protection and prevents flea and tick infested diseases. Seresto collar is non-messy, non-greasy and easy to apply. With minimum to no known side effects, Seresto collar is safe and affordable.

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Just put it around your dog's collar and keep those hopping thing away!

Melinda Jun 29, 2024

Great collar

No worries about fleas when he has seresto around

Susan May 29, 2024

Outstanding Collar

This collar has been a lifesaver for my mischievous Beagle. We've been using it for nearly 9 months now, and it's still intact despite his best efforts to destroy it.

Neymar Apr 19, 2024


fantastic product.. highly recommend.

Bob Mar 23, 2024

Great flea collar

The collar is just perfect. Glad that I got it

Diana Feb 04, 2024

Buy it now!

Always recommend this to everyone we come across. The best brand we've ever used.

Gillian Jan 13, 2024


Most effective flea collar

Tim Dec 19, 2023

Looking for it

Couldn't find it at the locals so bought from here. And to me surprice this store has great offers and prices

Vanessa Nov 19, 2023

Hope for the best

I hope it will remain effective for 8 months

Tiffany Oct 18, 2023

Best one

No other flea collar works as long as seresto, so I only order this

Martha Sep 22, 2023

Best flea tick collar

Since last year I am getting these for my pets, works really great

Maurice Aug 22, 2023


Very effective flea collar for my fur baby

George Jul 24, 2023

Best collar

Tried many anti-flea and ticks collars. Nothing worked better than Seresto

Scout Jul 19, 2023

Best flea collar

Excellent flea collar. Will by again.

Laara Jun 26, 2023

Effective solution

My pet never got infested with fleas or ticks after I started using seresto collar

Rusco Jun 20, 2023

Effective solution

My pet never got infested with fleas or ticks after I started using seresto collar

Rusco Jun 20, 2023

Effective solution

My pet never got infested with fleas or ticks after I started using seresto collar

Rusco Jun 20, 2023

Seresto collar

My vet recommended this and I must say its the best!

Diana Jun 11, 2023


I have been using this collar since a long now. It works

Diana Jun 05, 2023

Works fine

Easy to use, hassle-free, and very effective

Cathy May 30, 2023


Excellent collar. Keeps my pet flea free

Daisy May 23, 2023

Vet recommended

Our vet recommended seresto collar last month and we cannot be more thankful

Garry May 10, 2023

Great collar

This is just the best collar. It works for our doggo!

Tyler May 08, 2023


Quick delivery and product comes in a good condition.

Rylee May 02, 2023


This flea collar keeps all the fleas away from my furry pal.

Jack Apr 25, 2023

Best and Effecive

The best and effective treatment I have ever had for my furry little friends.

Mia Apr 18, 2023


I received this order very quickly and it comes in a nice packaging.

James Apr 11, 2023


Fast shipping and great packaging. Impressed with the quality.

Olivia Apr 04, 2023

Long-lasting protection

The seresto collar gives a long lasting protection against flea and ticks.

Sophia Mar 25, 2023

Very Convenient

I used it very conveniently on my cat. Gonna buy it again.

Oscar Mar 21, 2023

Easy application

Non messy and non greasy application. Easy to use and effective.

Monica Mar 13, 2023

Very convenient

My kitty don't make a fuss while wearing it.

Mathew Mar 06, 2023

Simple to use and easy to fit

There are tabs every 1-1/2 inches apart that can be adjusted very easily.

Anderson Feb 21, 2023

Works wonderful

It has great potential and really works for months.

William Feb 14, 2023

Highly recommned this

After trying so many collars finally i got the effective and long lasting flea collar.

Railey Feb 08, 2023

Perfect Care

Its a perfect care for my fur babies and boys.

Jinny Jan 05, 2023

No side effects

Using for months, it works well with my furry frirends. Effective and has no side effects as well.

Aries Nov 26, 2022

Great Product

Did the job it was advertised to do so

Easton Oct 21, 2022

Affordable and Effective

Couldn't find an effective flea and tick control collar at such affordable price.

Joshua Sep 27, 2022

Value for Money

Does the job it was advertised for! It provide long lasting protection and has no side effects

James Sep 07, 2022

Flea Eliminator

It eliminates fleas for quite a long time. Would strongly recommned this.

Jennifer Aug 08, 2022

Effective Collar

I've used before and even now, it always helps to protect my furry pal from parasites.

Alex Jun 16, 2022

Powerful Product

The product has the potential to keep those nasty parasites at bay

Noah Jun 07, 2022

Seresto flea and tick collar by Bayer. C

Have had great success for my cat Kate for three years with this collar. Look forward to receiving it.

Marianne Feb 23, 2022

Amazing Product

I am totally amazed! Amazing Product

Kade Jan 12, 2022


Excellent prices

Yolanda Dec 29, 2021

Collar that works!

Did the work. Thumbs up! Thanks for this amazing collar.

Alonso Oct 05, 2021


Seresto collar works great.

Nancy Oct 04, 2021

Great Product

Got the best. It controls fleas and ticks very effectively and keeps my feline happier and healthier.

Julie Jul 01, 2021

Literally amazing

Innovative cat collar. Its so amazing.

Dewey Mar 01, 2021

Effective against fleas and ticks

Great collar that helps fight fleas and ticks.

Nick Feb 22, 2021

Long lasting collar

Seresto cat collar is good and lasts long.

Enid Feb 21, 2021

Quality stuff

This collar is of amazing quality.

Midge Feb 14, 2021

Excellent flea product

Seresto flea collar is excellent.

James Feb 04, 2021

Excellent flea treatment

Excellent flea collar. Treat and repels fleas.

Lynn Jan 27, 2021

Savior Collar

These fleas were a serious headache for my kitty. But this product is now an ultimate headache for fleas. Nice one.

Oliver Jan 13, 2021

Highly recommended

My location is highly prone to fleas. Thanks to this collar my kitty and family are protected from those monsters.

Finn Jan 12, 2021


This collar is the best killing fleas.

Vanessa Oct 24, 2020

works well

This collar works best and the cherry on top is that it has zero side effects.

gail Dec 12, 2019

Long lasting

This collar is super effective and works powerfully against fleas!

Levi Dec 11, 2019

Purrfect for my kitty

This is the purrfect collar for my kitty who frequently gets infested with parasites. Not anymore now. Thanks Seresto.

Helen Dec 10, 2019

Excellent product

Used it for years and it protected our kitty well against fleas really well and has great value for money. No.problems for the cats wearing them.

Kristy Dec 10, 2019