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Profender for Cats

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Profender Medium Cats (0.70 ml) 5.5-11 lbs

Pack Size
3 Dose + 1 Dose Free
6 Dose + 2 Doses Free

Profender Large Cats (1.12 ml) 11-17.6 lbs

Pack Size
3 Dose + 1 Dose Free
6 Dose + 2 Doses Free
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Profender- Worming Treatment for Cats

Profender is the perfect defender of your cat against multiple intestinal worms. It helps in controlling various worms like tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms. This topical treatment helps in protecting your felines from dangerous infestations and starts to show results with only a single dose. When given on a regular basis, Profender ensures good health for cats, free from worms. It is safe to use in cats older than 8 weeks of age.

Profender for Cats

Profender contains two key ingredients- Praziquantel and Emodepside. These compounds are anthelmintic and work against multiple gastrointestinal worms. These cause contractions in worms which lead to paralysis the worms. These worms then get destroyed by the cat’s immune system and get flushed out of the body.


Praziquantel and Emodepside

Direction for use
  • Separate the fur on your cat’s neck to bare the skin beneath
  • Remove the cap of the tube and break open the seal
  • Place the tip of the tube on the skin surface and squeeze the entire content on the skin
  • Repeat the treatment after a month if re-infestation occurs

Dosage table

The recommended dosage is 3mg Emodepside for every 2.2lbs of bodyweight and 12mg Praziquantel for every 2.2lbs of bodyweight.


Pack Color


Tube Strength

2.2-5.5 lbs



7.5mg Emodepside and 30mg Praziquantel

5.6-11 lbs



15mg Emodepside and 60mg Praziquantel

11.1-17.6 lbs



24mg Emodepside and 96mg Praziquantel

Over 17.6 lbs

Treat with an appropriate combination of tubes

Key Benefits
  • Potent treatment that works against worm infection in cats
  • Helps in controlling various intestinal worms like tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms
  • Eliminates worms with a single dose
  • For regular treatment, give at an interval of every 3 months
  • Can be used on pregnant and lactating queens
  • Formulated only for cats
  • Meant only for external use
  • Do not let your pet lick the area while it is wet
  • Keep away from the reach of children and other pets
  • Store in a dry, cool place
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling the treatment
  • Do not use on kittens younger than 8 weeks of age or that weigh less than 1.1lbs
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