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Nexgard for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 48 Reviews

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Nexgard Flea and Tick Chewable for Dogs

Nexgard chewable is a highly palatable monthly oral treatment for dogs that provides protection against both fleas and ticks. The beef-flavoured chewable treatment kills fleas before they can lay eggs and provides protection against mites. Nexgard for dogs promptly kills fleas and ticks once administered. The composition starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of administration and kills all of them within 8 hours. The palatable chewable terminates newly attached adult fleas within 12 hours, kills fleas before they are ready for egg production and prevents the danger of household contamination.

Nexgard Flea and Tick Chewable for Dogs

The tasty chewable for dogs kills black-legged ticks and thus prevents the infections that cause "Lyme disease" in dogs. Plus, the oral formula also protects against American dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and brown dog ticks. Nexgard oral treatment is useful in the treatment and control of mange and mites in dogs. The beef-flavoured flea and tick formula efficiently manages flea allergy dermatitis caused by flea allergies. Nexgard for dogs is recommended for use in dogs from 8 weeks of age and 2 kg bodyweight.

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Does well

Does the job perfectly well

Ian Jun 20, 2024


We have had no trouble using this product

Judie Jun 20, 2024


Love this ..does an amzing job

Jamie Jun 03, 2024


Killed fleas within 24 hours only

Mary May 23, 2024

Great product

Quick and easy to use product

Martha May 19, 2024

Best chew

The nicest thing about nexgard is its effective formulation.

Kenny May 11, 2024


Strongly recommend nexgard for dog flea and tick problems.

Beverly May 03, 2024


reasonably affordable and efficient

Rue Apr 25, 2024

Worth the Wait

It took a bit longer to arrive, but the price made it worthwhile.

Jasper Apr 19, 2024

Budget-Friendly Haven

The best destination for all your pet needs without breaking the bank.

Isaac Apr 12, 2024

Optimal Performance

It's the perfect fit for my 4-year-old Mark, ensuring he stays flea-free.

Asher Mar 29, 2024


I highly recommend sticking to this brand for the most thorough treatment.

Kayla Mar 24, 2024


No complaints whatsoever after using it for some time now.

Ryan Mar 15, 2024


Nexgard is the top pick for flea and tick control—highly effective!

Judah Mar 05, 2024


This chew is delicious, my dog likes it.

Liz Feb 26, 2024

Good onne

The product was great and it worked very efficiently.

Taylor Feb 20, 2024


It provided rapid relief from the flea problem

Perez Feb 12, 2024

Great product

Really the best flea brand as everyone says

Jeffery Feb 04, 2024


Very affordable and reliable treatment

Damien Jan 30, 2024

Safe choice

Safe and trustworthy treatment for dogs

Rose Jan 20, 2024

Chew treatment

Amazing chew treatment, effective as well

Andy Jan 12, 2024

Helped my cutie

My pet had too many fleas crawing on her

Ken Jan 04, 2024


Love the product it does what it says

Timothy Dec 30, 2023

Amazing service

Nexgard is enough for flea tick issues

Henry Dec 21, 2023

Did well

Without a doubt it worked.

Russel Dec 14, 2023

Great service

The site is excellent and very easy to place orders

Mike Dec 06, 2023


It always works like charm. Really amazed

Zack Nov 30, 2023

Fest delivery

The delivery was quite fast. Great experience

Daren Nov 22, 2023

Works the best

Best treatment for fleas

Autumn Nov 14, 2023

Nice one

Took care of all fleas and ticks

Leon Nov 06, 2023

Best chew

My only trusted chew for flea and ticks

Tony Oct 30, 2023

Go 2 solution

Using this for flea tick treatment since ages

Kim Oct 22, 2023

Flea killer

It was such a nuisance, but nexgard helped

Miranda Oct 14, 2023

Keeps fleas away

I haven't seen even a single flea on my dong since I gave this to my dog

Stuart Sep 29, 2023

Potent action

One chew provides a month long protection against external parasites

Chris Sep 22, 2023

Complete parasite protection

With nexgard I dont have to worry about my pet getting ticks and fleas

Ellias Sep 13, 2023

Great services

Discount pet mart has great deals and delivery, really impressed with their service

Candice Sep 06, 2023

Good chews

Been giving these to my pets for years now, they are just the best

George Aug 29, 2023

Nexgard chews

The only flea and tick treatment I order for my pets

Paul Aug 21, 2023

Safe choice

Nexgard has been around for years, its very safe, so I trust it

Stuart Aug 13, 2023

Anti flea and ticks chews

I recently switched to Nexguard. glad I made this decision, this is the best

James Aug 05, 2023

Most trusted

I only buy nexgard for my babies, it's the best

Rubie Jul 28, 2023

Quality product

These chewables are for use in canines

Sofia Jul 22, 2023

Treats infestation

Helps treat ticks and fleas and also prevents tick borne diseases

Joey Jul 13, 2023

Treats infestation

Helps treat ticks and fleas and also prevents tick borne diseases

Joey Jul 13, 2023

Works well

My dog love this beef chew, and it kills fleas very effectively.

Lindsey Jul 06, 2023

The Best!

Got the best treatment for my dog

Mathew May 24, 2023

Loved it

I have been using nexgard for dogs, but I have recently discovered this site and the price here is super affordable, Thanks discountpetmart for such a discounted price

Jemmie Jul 11, 2022