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Frontline Top Spot for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 39 Reviews

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Frontline Top Spot is a top-selling spot-on treatment for dogs. It aids in the removal of external parasites such as fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Due to its rapid action formula, it erases 100% fleas and ticks within 48 hours of its administration. It treats sarcoptic mange as well as assists in the treatment of Flea Dermatitis Allergy. Furthermore, it provides protection from the same for one whole month by eliminating the life stages of these pesky parasites. In addition, this waterproof solution is only suitable for puppies and dogs over 8 weeks old.

Frontline Top Spot Monthly Topical Treatment for Dogs

Frontline Top Spot comes straight from the house of Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim and is an extremely effective solution for dealing with external parasites. Fipronil, the active ingredient present in Frontline Top Spot destroys fleas, ticks, and chewing lice by disrupting the working of their nervous system. The topical treatment controls flea and tick infestations for one full month. 

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Best Solution

Best solution that works perfectly well with my fidos.

Anderson Aug 09, 2022

Best Product

There can not be a better effective product than this.

Daisy Jun 21, 2022

Best of All

Couldn't find a better product than this.

Lucas Jun 07, 2022

Goodbye Fleas and Ticks

This is a forever goodbye call for fleas and ticks. Works amazingly great!

Wilson Jun 03, 2022

Reliable Online Pet Supplies Shop

Prompt shipping and best customer service. Got all orders on promised time. Keep it up!

Kieron Mar 11, 2022

Best and Effective

With only a single application, the results were visible. An effective and easy-to-use product. Must go for it.

Jenny Jan 12, 2022

Best and Effective

Highly effective and convenient. Will definitely buy this again.

Karter Jan 03, 2022

Better than other products

I usually recommend this product to other pet owners because it is easy to use, shows quick results, and are cheaper than other brands

Lily Jan 03, 2022

Great Product

The finest and safest choice for protecting dogs from a range of common parasites.

Felix Dec 14, 2021

Great Product

Effective and has no side effects.

Gerardo Oct 12, 2021

Amazing quick acting solution

Amazing treatment. Started using this a few days ago and can see amazing improving results.

Ryan Oct 05, 2021

Better than other products on market

Tried many but no other treatment worked as effectively as this. Would strongly recommend this.

Joseph Sep 20, 2021

Magical Treatment

Magical treatment! It did wonders for me and my pal. Helped us to get rid of those nasty critters in no time.

Marcus Aug 08, 2021

Excellent Product

Couldn't find a better product than this. This works well on my fur boys.

Zen Aug 03, 2021

Excellent Product

The product does all that it advertised for.

Colin Jul 19, 2021

Excellent Product

No other treatment works as effectively as this. Would strongly recommend this.

Karen Jul 11, 2021

Excellent Product

Best bet to buy! It exactly does what it says. Efficiently treats and controls external parasites.

Lily Jul 02, 2021

Great Store to Shop

Best bet to shop from here. Discounted prices and quick deliveries.

Ezra Jul 01, 2021

Not a single flea spotted

Not a single flea spotted after treatment.

Daniel Jun 14, 2021

Not a single flea spotted

Not a single flea spotted after treatment.

Daniel Jun 14, 2021

Great Product

Using for months no complaints. Would strongly recommend this to every pet parent.

Richard Jun 01, 2021

Works Well

I am extremely happy with my buy. Within two days of application I didn't find one flea on both of our dogs.

William Apr 14, 2021

Glad to Buy It

I was looking for these product for the past couple of months, and felt great that I could find it here coz this is the only flea product that works on our yorkie.

Elizabeth Apr 12, 2021

Helpful site for pet parent

I've used your website for years now to order pet products and will stick to it!

Richard Apr 06, 2021

Happy that this company exists

I've been using this company for years now and have never had a problem; my dogs and cats have never had any side effects and are flea-free and stable. I'm thankful that they exist because the idea of paying vets such high fees is daunting.

Martin Mar 30, 2021

safe treatment

My dog has an allergy from almost every spot on treatment ingredients. But Frontline Top Spot is safe for him.

Abaddon Mar 21, 2021

easy to adminsiter

Frontline Spot On treatment is easy to apply. With just one administration, I was able to see the difference!

Tom Mar 17, 2021

Happy with the results

I used Frontline Top Spot and was easily able to keep fleas and ticks at bay. So happy with the result!

Theodore Mar 15, 2021

Dependable spot-on treatment

Kind of very dependable spot-on treatment. Was able to get rid of fleas and ticks easily.

Elizabeth Mar 08, 2021

Keeps fleas and ticks at bay

I have been using Frontline for many years now. Good product to keep fleas and ticks at bay

Emma Mar 03, 2021

Removes external parasites

Frontline is full of quality. Aids in removing external parasites.

Howard Feb 23, 2021

Has always worked

This top spot has always worked. Its really good.

Evelyn Feb 22, 2021

Good Frontline

Frontline top spot is really good.

Nadia Feb 14, 2021

Top selling spot on

Amazing top selling spot on.

Trent Feb 04, 2021

Quality topical

Frontline top spot is a quality treatment. So good.

Jefferson Jan 27, 2021

Does the work

Awesome product works very quickly on fleas and ticks! Easy to apply and very safe! No side effects!

Anthony Jan 13, 2021

protects well

This is much better than tablets because my buddy hates to get his meal ruined.

Hunter Jan 12, 2021

Erases all fleas quickly

Helps in erasing all fleas on my pet's body. Lovely treatment.

Hugh Jul 14, 2020

Great for erasing fleas and ticks

Great product that erases fleas and ticks in quick time.

Ashwell Jul 05, 2020