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Frontline Plus for Dogs

Rating 5/5 based on 18 Reviews

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Frontline Plus is an advanced formula that protects dogs against fleas and tick infestations. This monthly spot-on kills fleas within 12 hours and eliminates ticks within 48 hours upon administration. The product effectively disrupts the flea lifecycle by killing flea eggs and larvae, thereby protecting the dog from future infestations. Frontline Plus is also used as a powerful remedy for destroying chewing lice and acts as a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

Frontline Plus - Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs

Frontline Plus is a waterproof topical solution that contains two powerful ingredients Fipronil and S-methoprene. Fipronil acts as an adulticide that kills adult fleas and ticks whereas S-methoprene is an insect growth regulator that disrupts the maturation process of fleas and ticks by killing their eggs and larvae. Thus, these two ingredients work in synergy to prevent and control future infestations. Just one application of this solution protects the dog for 30 days.

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Top Treatment For Fleas & Ticks

No topical flea and tick product works better than Frontline Plus. I am not at all worried about fleas and ticks since started using it on them.

Joey Apr 14, 2021

Full Marks To It

Fleas are no longer an issue since I'd started to use this product Bruno last year this time around.

Emma Apr 12, 2021

Best buy

Frontline Plus is nothing but the best for my furbabies

Owen Apr 06, 2021

Will be a loyal customer

I've been using this company for several years because it provides pet supplies at a fair price and has always delivered on time.

Louis Mar 30, 2021

Reliable product

Frontline Plus is one of the most reliable brands to get rid of fleas and ticks. Happy with it

Aaron Mar 21, 2021

Great product

Frontline Plus has helped me many times to get rid of fleas and ticks. I will stick to this product due to easy availability, safety concerns, and affordability!

Rhonda Mar 17, 2021

Best formula to repel fleas

I have been using it for quite a time now. I could see the positive result. Also, there is no side effect!

Lori Mar 15, 2021

No stress and no mess

I was able to protect my dog from fleas and ticks with much stress and mess. Great product!

Ella Mar 08, 2021

Seems like the real deal

This Frontline Plus seems like it is the real deal. Really efficient.

Dwayne Mar 01, 2021

In just 12 hours

Kills fleas on my dog in just 12 hours. So good.

Selma Feb 21, 2021

Advanced and amazing

Frontline Plus is amazing. Advanced tick and flea formula.

Nelly Feb 17, 2021

Advanced and excellent

Lovely product. Advanced and highly excellent.

Venessa Feb 14, 2021

Advanced formula

Frontline Plus is an amazing advanced formula for flea elimination.

Joshua Feb 04, 2021

Eliminates fleas and eggs

Frontline is really good. Gets rid of flea and flea eggs in dogs.

Harry Jan 27, 2021

Good product

I have really liked this product. I was able to put this on my dogs and it worked to repel fleas. Which is great when trying to kill fleas.

Harper Jan 13, 2021

Flea eliminator

Powerful! All fleas killed, no more itching and scratching for my buddy. Whoa!

Max Jan 12, 2021

Excellent flea killer

An excellent flea killing product. Frontline Plus is amazing.

Chey Jul 14, 2020

Kills fleas inside half a day

The product does so well to remove fleas quickly.

Geraldine Jul 05, 2020

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