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Effipro DUO Spot-On for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 31 Reviews

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Effipro DUO spot-on for Dogs provides long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks by destroying adult fleas, ticks, and flea eggs. The topical solution is popular because it shields your dog for 3-months by breaking the flea life cycle and managing flea infestation. It starts its action within 24 hours and treats the majority of the parasites within 48 hours. The treatment kills fleas and ticks for four weeks at a go.

Effipro Duo Spot-On Flea and Tick Control Treatment for Dogs

Effipro Duo Spot-on contains two active ingredients i.e. fipronil and pyriproxyfen with one being flea and tick killer and the latter being an insect growth regulator. The IGR property of pyriproxyfen doesn’t allow flea eggs to grow and thus breaks the flea life cycle. Fipronil kills fleas and ticks efficaciously thus providing a complete flea management system.

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Affordable and Effective

Effective, cost-effective, and convenient. Protects my furry friend for quite a long time. Would highly recommend this to every pet parent like me.

Lauren Jun 07, 2022

Excellent Product

Excellent product to deal with those nasty fleas. Would highly recommend this.

Wilson May 10, 2022

Amazing product

The best and most effective solution I have ever had for my pal.

Isabel Mar 24, 2022

Amazing product

The best and most effective treatment I have ever had used. Would strongly recommend this.

Ryder Mar 21, 2022

Amazing product

This is an excellent solution for my furry friends. It works well and has no side effects. Would strongly recommend this.

Terry Mar 07, 2022

Best and Effective

This products works really well and greatly effective for my pal

Hayden Feb 09, 2022

Best Topical Treatment

This topical solution is easy to use and effective for quite a long duration.

Lily Jan 27, 2022

Best and Effective

Effective and long-lasting solution for my furry friends. Would strongly recommend this.

Brad Jan 11, 2022

Great Product

No other product workes as effectively as this.

Diego Oct 18, 2021

Effective and helpful

The Product has great potential. Very effective and impressive results.

Tina Jun 26, 2021

The best solution for fleas and ticks.

The best solution for fleas and ticks.

Luke Jun 14, 2021

The best solution for fleas and ticks.

The best solution for fleas and ticks.

Luke Jun 14, 2021

The best solution for fleas and ticks.

The best solution for fleas and ticks.

Luke Jun 14, 2021

Best Stuff

Best of all I have ever used for my pal. No side effects and readily accepted by our pal.

Jonathan May 21, 2021

Excellent Find

No more fleas-ticks, it also prevents getting our dogs infected again too by killing eggs.

Luke Apr 19, 2021

Low price range

I was blown away by how quickly my order arrived. Also such a low price range!

Thea Apr 06, 2021

Safe and Effective

I received all of the items for which I put an order. All of my animals have found the treatments to be safe and reliable.

Rafael Mar 30, 2021

Great business done

Customer service, product quality, pricing, and delivery are all excellent. I don't run out because I have a subscription here. The website service provider are doing an excellent job!

Louise Mar 23, 2021

Great treatment

Effipro DUO is the perfect treatment for fleas and ticks.

Dione Mar 17, 2021

Simple to use

I have no tension of my dog now since it is so simple to eliminate or repel fleas and ticks. Thank you Effipro!

Karen Mar 15, 2021

Good product

Give long-lasting protection to your pet from fleas and ticks.

Hannah Mar 09, 2021

Shielded against parasites

This product was delivered in 2 weeks and have used it once. Can clearly see my dog is protected since then

Matthew Mar 04, 2021

Nice product to prevent parasites

I noticed my pets are free from fleas and ticks even after going out in the bushes almost daily

Georgina Mar 03, 2021

Happy with Effipro

I am really happy with Effipro.

William Feb 25, 2021

Long lasting product

Effipro Duo is good Long lasting and effective.

Matteo Feb 17, 2021

Quality spot on

Such a quality spot on.

Nelson Feb 11, 2021

Breaks the flea cycle

Effipro is good. Helps break the flea life cycle.

Kayla Feb 02, 2021

Long lasting topical

A long lasting treatment. So good.

Lance Jan 19, 2021

recommend it

Best flea treatment, no hassle, no worry, very effective!

Ariel Jan 18, 2021

Long lasting protection

Amazing long lasting tick and flea protection.

Kasia Jul 27, 2020

No flea infestations

No worries about fleas and works best,

Lewis Jul 08, 2020