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Droncit Tapewormer for Dogs

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Droncit Tapewormer for Dogs
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Droncit Tapeworming Tablet for Dogs

Droncit Tapewormer is a powerful treatment for controlling tapeworm infections in dogs. This economical formula kills mature and immature stages of tapeworms. It is proven to show no side effects and is safe for use in all breeds of dogs. Droncit oral tablet is effective in destroying all species of tapeworms including Hydatid tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus) and Zipper tapeworm (Spirometra erinaceieuropaei). It protects the dogs from future infections.

Droncit Tapewormer

Droncit contains Praziquantel as active ingredient, which eradicates tapeworms. It is quickly absorbed and works fast to kill the worms, which are then digested and removed from the body. It is a non-toxic formulation and an ideal tapeworm treatment for dogs.



Direction for use
  • Weigh your pet before deciding the appropriate dosage
  • It can be administered with or without food

Dosage recommended according to the bodyweight of dogs

Each tablet contains 50mg of Praziquantel



6-11 lbs

0.5 tablet

12-22 lbs

1 tablet

23-33 lbs

1.5 tablets

34-44 lbs

2 tablets

45-55 lbs

2.5 tablets

>56 lbs

3 tablets

Key Benefits
  • Highly potent formula for treating tapeworms
  • Eliminates 100% of all species of tapeworms including Hydatid tapeworm and Zipper tapeworm
  • Causes no side effects and is safe to use in dogs weighing more than 5.5 lbs
  • For animal use only
  • Do not use in case of allergic reaction to the active ingredient
  • Keep away from reach of children and other pets
  • Wash hands after handling
Customer Reviews
Effective product

Efficient tapeworming treatment for my pet. Love the quick results.