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Dermaclens is an antiseptic wound healing cream for dogs that is mostly used for treating lesions, wounds, abrasions, burns and other dermatological conditions. The fast healing process of the cream cleans dead cells, dead tissues, and debris on the wounds and helps in the regeneration of the new tissues. The healing cream is safe and effective on dogs with various skin conditions. Moreover, it can also be used on cats in the same manner.

Dermaclens – An Antiseptic Wound Care Cream for Dogs

The cream contains high-quality healing agents. The ingredients, propionic acid 17.5 mg, propylene glycol 185 mg, malic acid 7.5 mg and small amounts of Benzoic acid salicylic acid treats the wound and also act as antiseptic agents. They remove the dead layer of tissues and cells and support the growth of new tissues. Forming a protective layer over the wound and preventing further infection or damage to the skin, Dermaclens heals faster without any side effects.

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Great Skin Cleanser

It is a good product to keep to your dog belongings as it helps healing of wounds in dogs as well as removes dead cells too.

Matthew Apr 14, 2021

Happy with the service

Often timely delivery, excellent goods, and decent value.

Kaara Apr 06, 2021

Definitely use this website again

Loved the customer service! I was doubtful at first, but I received my Dermaclens in around 1-2 weeks! I will definitely use this website again in the future.

Finley Mar 30, 2021

Recommend the site for online purchase

This was my first time using this company, and I accidentally purchased the wrong item; they immediately stopped the package from being shipped because I notified them as soon as I realized, and they eventually sent the correct item.

Matthew Mar 23, 2021

Very helpful

My dog usually hurt himself by licking a lot. Used this cream along with Elizabeth collar for faster wound healing!

Jeanie Mar 22, 2021

Safe and Effective

This cream has made it easy to treat wounds and lesions on my pets. After application, I observed, the normal wound that would take around a week to heal, took only 3 days.

Bev Mar 17, 2021

Pain-relief product

Great wound healing cream. My pet had pain-relief to some extend after using the product.

Hudson Mar 15, 2021

Great purchase

This is one of the best antiseptics I have bought online.

Riley Mar 09, 2021

Fast healing

Used this product to fasten the healing of wounds of my dog got due to lesions. It worked fine!

Simran Mar 03, 2021

Wound healing cream

Quality wound healing cream.

Jofra Feb 25, 2021

Healing cream

Excellent wound healing cream. So good.

Charlotte Feb 17, 2021

Supports quick healing

Dermaclens supports quick wound healing.

Liv Feb 10, 2021

Antiseptic wound healing cream

Dermaclens helps in healing wounds. Good antiseptic product.

Isaiah Feb 01, 2021

Quality product

My buddy hates bandages, this really helps to take care of his wounds.

Lilian Jan 17, 2021

Powerful Healer

My buddy never lets bandage stay on his wound, thanks to this wound cleaner.

John Jan 17, 2021

Treats lesions and wounds

Excellent product that helps treat lesions and wounds.

Bryce Jul 21, 2020

Healing treatment

Dermaclens does provide quick healing treatment!

Caleb Jul 06, 2020

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