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Capstar for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 43 Reviews

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Capstar is a highly effective, quick action formula for treating flea infestation. The treatment has an adulticide that acts swiftly and kills 100% adult fleas within 7 hours. The highly efficient treatment starts its action in just half an hour of administration. Recommended to be given to dogs suffering from heavy flea infestation, the tablet is flavorless and its effect lasts for 24 hours.

Moreover, the treatment is suitable to use for pregnant and lactating dogs. The treatment can be given any time to puppies older than 4 weeks of age but make sure you don’t repeat the dosage within 24 hours.

Capstar - A fast action flea treatment for dogs

Nitenpyram is an adulticide and fast acting, orally administered flea treatment that is absorbed into the blood of your pooch and is readily available for uptake for the fleas to feed. The compound is a neurotoxin belonging to the class of neonicotinoids that blocks neural signaling of the central nervous system of parasites and insects.

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Great Product

The best and effective solution for my pal. Would strongly recommend this.

Flora Sep 20, 2021

Best and effective

The best and effective formula for my fidos. Would strongly recommend this.

Frank Jul 19, 2021

Best economical pet supplies store

Searched many pet supplies stores but couldn't find better than this. This store has amazing discounts and quality brand-name products at economical prices.

Anderson Jul 11, 2021

Discounted products

Went to many offline stores and sites but no one has such a great discount on pet essentials. I would strongly recommend this.

Camila Jun 26, 2021

Quick-acting formula

Quick-acting and effective formula that keeps those nasty pests at bay. Would recommend to every pet parent.

Everly Jun 23, 2021

Best short term treatment

I love capstar, it is the best short-term treatment.

Gloria Jun 14, 2021

Best short term treatment

I love capstar, it is the best short-term treatment.

Gloria Jun 14, 2021

Best short term treatment

I love capstar, it is the best short-term treatment.

Gloria Jun 14, 2021

Best Product

One of the best treatments on the market!

Hazel May 27, 2021

Best Product

Best product I have ever used for my fido. Would strongly recommend this.

Donald May 19, 2021

Quick And Effective

Very effective and works in no time, wish it could last for a whole month.

Hugh Apr 14, 2021

Quick and Sucsessful

It is extremely useful against fleas. Within only a few hours both our dogs were free from fleas.

Emily Apr 14, 2021

Happy with my decision

Why should I go somewhere else when i can buy flea treatment at such less prices and

Chris Apr 12, 2021

Happy with the service

Thank you so much for your amazingly speedy service and great price especially for this product!

Danica Apr 06, 2021

Best prices and fast delivery.

There are never any hidden fees, just the best prices and fast delivery. Thank you for providing me with a simple solution after being taken advantage of by the nearby pet supply store.

Michael Apr 06, 2021

Significantly less expensive products

I've bought flea medicine for my dogs from Discount Pet Mart twice now. It is significantly less expensive than purchasing it from my veterinarian. The delivery time is a little longer than normal (but only by a couple of days.) I'm very pleased with them and will continue to use them.

Iker Mar 30, 2021

Will continue to be a loyal customer

I've never had any issues with Discount Pet Mart and have always received products on time. I've also got discounts on a daily basis for being a regular customer.

Karson Mar 30, 2021

Recommend it

Bought this for my pregnant dog. The product safely treated her without any side effects!

Abishalom Mar 21, 2021

Everything worked perfectly

This product worked exactly like how it is described here. No false promises or delayed results.

Abdiel Mar 21, 2021

Easy to dose

I would recommend giving this product to dogs suffering from heavy flea infestation, the tablet is flavorless and its effect lasts for a day.

Kimberly Mar 17, 2021

Best treatment by Capstar

As mentioned here, Capstar is the best treatment to eradicate fleas and ticks. Among usage, I was able to see quick results

Andrea Mar 17, 2021

Quick action

Nothing has worked better for my dog than Capstar

Ezra Mar 15, 2021

Good riddance from fleas

This is one of the best products I have used to get rid of flea infestation.

Jaxon Mar 15, 2021

Happy with the service

So happy to come across this product at such a cheap rate. Also, it was delivered within 2 weeks. Happy with the service!

Nora Mar 09, 2021

Capstar is good

I have always bought other brands during infestations. But Capstar is different. it's quick, it's safe and it's good

Penelope Mar 08, 2021

Product arrived early

Bought Capstar from this website. Arrived early also rates are very low as compared to physical stores

Zoe Mar 03, 2021

Good to opt for it

Capstar is definitely a good-to-go treatment acc to me

Lily Mar 03, 2021

Such a low price

Capstar from DiscountPetMart price <<<< Market price Amazing!

Tom Mar 02, 2021

Swift flea killer

Capstar is swift in killing fleas. Really good.

Vic Feb 25, 2021

Extremely efficient

Capstar is highly efficient. Quick action formula.

Zack Feb 25, 2021

Highly efficient treatment

Capstar is a highly efficient treatment. Really good.

Jaime Feb 23, 2021

Go to hell fleas

Fleas were bugging my buddy so I got this product. Guess what, fleas are gone.

Shane Feb 17, 2021

Acts swifty

Product acts swiftly. Helps kill fleas.

Avery Feb 15, 2021

Highly effective

Capstar is such a highly effective product.

Delilah Feb 10, 2021

Acts swiftly

Swift action against fleas.

Merrick Feb 07, 2021

Highly efficient

Capstar is highly efficient. Worth the big bucks.

Brett Feb 01, 2021

Effective and quick

Capstar for fleas is really effective and a quick formula.

Sara Jan 28, 2021

Quick Reliever

Very quick, I saw dead fleas within a day. He is free from their stings.

Violet Jan 17, 2021

flea treatment

Vet suggested it to us. Very good product. My pal is free from fleas now!

David Jan 17, 2021

Fast Working

Best product for my lactating dog, very safe. I', glad the fleas are all down within a few hours only, thank God for her little ones. Mom and babies are all good!

Emma Jan 13, 2021


This did not take more than half day to wipe off whole town of fleas from my buddy’s back. The view was wonderful.

Aiden Jan 12, 2021

Quick action formula

Capstar is a quick action formula for beating fleas.

Nina Jul 22, 2020

Quick action

Capstar is one of the best treatments in the market.

Janeel Jul 06, 2020