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Bravecto Topical for X-Small Dogs (4.4 - 9.9 lbs) Yellow

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Bravecto Topical for X-Small Dogs (4.4 - 9.9 lbs) Yellow
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Bravecto Topical For Dogs - Flea and Tick Treatment

Bravecto Topical is a long-lasting, quick-action, and easy-to-use spot-on treatment for dogs that provides protection against external parasites. A single dose of Bravecto Topical prevents flea and tick infestations for up to 12 weeks in 6 months and older dogs that weigh 4.4 lbs or more.

Bravecto Spot-on kills adult fleas and prevents flea infestations. At the same time, the liquid composition treats and controls various tick infestations caused by black-legged ticks, American dog ticks, and brown dog ticks for 12 weeks and lone star ticks for 8 weeks. It is safe to use on pregnant, breeding and lactating dogs.



Direction for use
  • Measure the weight of your dog prior to administration.
  • Select an appropriate pack size as per dog's weight
  • Part the dog's fur at the base of their neck between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.
  • Twist the applicator to open and pour the entire liquid into one spot.
  • Allow the application to dry.
  • Re-dose at the interval of one month and continue with the treatment throughout the year.
  • Follow the dosage table below for the correct dosing:

Brand Pack

Dog Weight (lbs)

Fluralaner (mg) Per Dose

Dosage Administered

Toy Dogs

4.4 – 9.9



Small Dogs

>9.9 – 22.0



Medium Dogs

>22.0 – 44.0



Large Dogs

>44.0 – 88.0



Extra Large Dogs

>88.0 – 123.0



For over 123 lbs dogs, administer appropriate combination of Bravecto Topical Treatment.

Key Benefits
  • Simple, and Convenient spot-on formula
  • Long-lasting Treatment
  • Provides three times longer protection than monthly treatments
  • Kills adult fleas and prevents flea infections for 12 weeks
  • Treats, and controls various tick infections including American dog ticks, brown dog tick & black-legged ticks for 12 weeks
  • Treats and controls lonestar tick infections for 8 weeks
  • Safe for use in 6 months and older dogs
  • Approved for use in pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs
  • Not recommended for dogs under 6 months of age
  • Keep away from the reach of children


  • Avoid applying on wounded or injured skin
  • Wash hands after handling the product
Customer Reviews
Easy use

It was very easy to apply it and it did not cause any itch to my pet

Easy use

This topical treatment was easy to use. Didn't cause any

Quick results

Bravecto gives real quick action against fleas and ticks