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Bravecto for Dogs

Rating 4/5 based on 12 Reviews

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Bravecto Chewables for Dogs: Long-lasting Protection against Fleas and Ticks

Bravecto Chewables for Dogs is a revolutionary product designed to provide long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks. With just one tasty chew, pet parents can ensure their furry companions are shielded from these pesky parasites for up to 12 weeks. This innovative oral treatment contains the active ingredient Fluralaner, which acts swiftly to eliminate existing flea and tick infestations while also preventing future infestations. It starts killing adult fleas within two hours after administration and treats and controls tick infestations including, black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick in dogs and puppies 6 months of age and older, weighing 4.4 lbs or greater. Moreover, it is also effective against lone star tick infestations for 8 weeks.

Bravecto works by disrupting the nervous system of fleas and ticks, effectively stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from biting and causing discomfort to your beloved dog. Another key advantage of this chew is, its extended duration of action. Unlike monthly treatments, which require frequent administration, this chew provides continuous protection for up to three months, ensuring uninterrupted parasite protection.

With its long-lasting effectiveness, ease of administration, and comprehensive coverage against fleas and ticks, it is the ideal solution for keeping your dog happy, healthy, and free from these troublesome parasites.

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Ultra long protection

best thing about this product is it has such long lasting activity, far better than the ones I used before

Jasmine Sep 11, 2023


The chews are just great and easily eaten by dogs

Zack Sep 04, 2023

favorite chew

Its just my dogs favorite medicine, he makes lot of fuss while taking meds, but with bravecto, he takes with ease

Sandra Aug 27, 2023

fantastic product

Bravecto chews are convenient to administer and very effective

Donald Aug 19, 2023

safest flea and tick

I am using this for almost 2 years now, its really the safest, my dognever had any side effects with this

Luis Aug 11, 2023

Recommended product

I recommend this product to every pet parent, dogs easily eat it and it works

Justin Aug 03, 2023

Hands down

The product is just great, zero compliants

Angela Jul 26, 2023

Furalkaner is safe

Furalaner is safe for pets and very effective

Abigail Jul 19, 2023

Awesome taste

My fidos loved its taste, ate without a jizz

William Jul 11, 2023

Works well

Fleas fell off from the dog the next morning!!! I was shocked!!

Harper Jul 04, 2023


Works best for my furry baby

Shawn May 11, 2023

Happy Customer

I have used this product for many years now. For prevention of both fleas and ticks, this is the answer. thank you dpm

Cindy Jul 11, 2022