7 Tips & Tricks For Shiny & Healthy Dog Coat

Tips & Tricks For Shiny & Healthy Dog Coat

A glossy canine coat not only looks attractive but also suggests good health. Being a dog parent, it is your responsibility to keep your pup healthy and happy.

But how to keep that coat shiny and healthy? Well, it takes more than just applying pet-friendly creams and lotions to persuade your animal friend to wear a glossy, colorful coat. Think about nutrition, exercise, organic oils, and healthy treats to help your dog get the most sought-after coat.

1. Focus On A Protein-Rich Diet:

A diet that lacks essential nutrients is generally the cause of a dull coat. Approximately 90% of a dog’s coat is made up of protein and therefore a healthy coat promotes a healthy, shiny coat and hair. You can also consider adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil to your dog’s diet to make that coat look extra shiny. Always look for the ingredient list when making your dog’s diet plan and avoid foods containing grains, animal byproducts and preservatives.

2. Emphasize On Grooming:

Make it a routine to regularly brush your dog’s coat, and by regular- we do not mean every day, but once in a week as it will stimulate the skin, distribute natural oils to the entire coat, detangle hair and encourage the growth of hair follicles. Find a brush according to your dog’s coat and hair type and keep them well-groomed.

3. Regular Bathing:

Bathing your pooch regularly would help reduce irritation and oiliness in the skin. You can use some super effective shampoos like Frontline Pet Care Dark Coat Shampoo, Dorwest Scent & Shine Shampoo, Dorwest Clean & Fresh Shampoo and Paw 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo to keep your dog’s coat clean and lustrous. You can also consider an oatmeal bath to prevent itchy and dry skin. Make sure you bathe your dog once or twice a month except the ones that spends more time in outdoor activities.

4. Diet Enriched In Essential Oils & Omega:

A meal enriched in omega-3 fatty acids help in relieving dry skin, hair loss, and general discomfort. Always look for pet food which is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. If your dog likes eating fish, you may fill your dog’s bowl with recipes containing fish, fish oil, flaxseed oil or a small portion of cooked or raw fish (tuna, salmon, or sardines) as they are good options to help improve coat quality.

5. Regular Walks & Workouts:

Apart from feeding your dog with a balanced diet and timely grooming, it is super important to take them for regular walks and workouts as this would help improve their health, including skin and coat.

6. Parasite Prevention:

Your dog may get scratch-and-bite episodes due to skin irritation caused by ticks and fleas. These parasites affect your dog’s coat due to constant scratching and biting. Along with parasitic treatments, regularly vacuum and wash their beddings and mow your lawn to keep these parasites away from your dog.

7. Consult The Vet:

Regularly consulting the vet would help in keeping your pet’s coat healthy with tailored recommendations.

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Final Words

Making your pet’s coat shiny and healthy could be a difficult task but not an impossible one. Follow the above mentioned steps to improve your dog’s coat quality, use natural oils and shampoos that are safe for pets and speak to a veterinarian if needed.