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Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs

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Avert Bitter Solution is a path-breaking solution that discourages your pets from licking, biting or chewing open wounds, stitches, bandages or dressings. The formula also acts as a behavior control product as it solves the problem of your pet chewing or licking a particular household object.

Avert reduces feather plucking in birds and crib-biting in the horse. Moreover, it restricts excessive self-grooming in cats sometimes. The liquid compound is safe and nontoxic and and can also be used on cats, horses, and birds.

Avert Bitter Solution - A Potent Bitterant

A product that is made up of natural ingredients, Avert Bitter solution comprises of ingredients like Denatonium benzoate along with bitter plant products with a very bitter taste so that pets refrain from biting, chewing and licking of wounds or open skin surfaces. This helps the wounds to heal quickly and also keeps your pet from ingesting any chemical treatment that shouldn’t be ingested.

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Trusted Product

All I can say that AVERT BITTER SOLUTION is amazing product for my dog's wound is getting better day by day.

Noah Jul 11, 2022

Good product

A really good product. Awesome solution.

Darius Aug 09, 2020

Prevents pets from biting wounds

Great solution that helps curious pets like mine to refrain from inspecting their wounds and cuts by licking and scratching.

Magdalene Jul 08, 2020