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Advantage for Dogs

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Advantage for Dogs

Advantage for dogs is a topical treatment for dogs that protects against external parasites. It treats and prevents flea infections in puppies and dogs. It is an easy-to-use spot-on formula for dogs that controls biting lice. The liquid formula can be used as a part of treatment plan of flea allergy dermatitis.

Advantage for dogs contains imidacloprid as an active ingredient that has proven efficacy against fleas. Advantage for dogs kills both adult and larval stages of fleas within a few minutes of application and stops fleas from feeding. Fleas no need to bite the dog to get a fatal dose of Advantage.

Advantage for dogs comes with a wide safety margin. It is safe to use on pregnant and lactating dogs. This topical flea formula may be used in conjunction with dewormers and with heartworm preventive treatments.

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Effective product

Advantage is my fav brand to treat my dog. I have always found this product effective

Grace Mar 09, 2021

Perfect brand to fight fleas and ticks

Advantage is the perfect brand to get rid of fleas and ticks on dogs

Mila Mar 08, 2021

Kills adult fleas quickly

Quick solution. Treat fleas instantly.

Uma Feb 23, 2021

Relieves my dog from fleas

Wonderful topical that relieves my dog from fleas and flea bites.

Ley Feb 23, 2021

Kills adult fleas

Good topical that helps remove adult fleas.

Kylie Feb 22, 2021

Treats flea allergy dermatitis

Excellent product that treats FAD.

Mayers Feb 16, 2021

Solid stuff

Such a solid stuff. Good product.

Rory Feb 15, 2021

Quick relief spot on

Advantage is a quick relief spot on treatment.

Samuel Feb 10, 2021

Easy to apply

Excellent and easy to apply.

Inaki Feb 07, 2021

Provides quick relief

Advantage topical provides quick relief. Thank you.

Madeline Feb 01, 2021

Good product

Advantage is a good product.

Justin Jan 28, 2021

Excellent product

It killed all fleas on him, now he is safe for a longer time.

Ellie Jan 17, 2021


Perfect flea killer, very easy to use and effective.

Mateo Jan 17, 2021

Made a difference.

Quickest flea reliever! Starts working in half an hour of giving to my buddy. And easy to apply too.

Aurora Jan 13, 2021

best buy

I am a very busy person, this product really helped save time for me; I don’t have to check every day or feed him something, Just put it on him and stay worry-free.

Kylan Jan 12, 2021

Monthly treatment

Powerful spot on treatment that works for a month. Love it.

Anna Jul 19, 2020

four years now

When we adopted Tom, four years back, we have started the treatment then and it has greatly helped our dog to stay healthy and free from fleas.

Tony Jul 06, 2020