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Adaptil Spray for Dogs

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Adaptil Spray is an ideal product for keeping dogs calm in stressful situations. The hormones produced by nursing mother dogs are very appeasing to dogs. Thus, this product contains similar formula which keeps the dogs safe and secure. Adaptil Spray makes the dog feel secure in unknown circumstances. It helps reduce stress and  anxiety in dogs as well as assists them to relax in stressful situations.

Essential 6 for Dogs – Improves Skin and Coat Health

Adaptil Spray is a clinically proven formula for keeping the dogs stress free and calm them. It contains D.A.P, which is similar to natural dog pheromone. The ingredient prevents stress related behavior in puppies and adult dogs. It is highly effective and works best in training dogs as well as soothing them in stressful situations.

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Happy With Its Performance

I always keep this with me when I go out with my dog as it keeps him calm at unknown places.

Ava Apr 14, 2021

Delivered quickly

My dog spray was delivered quickly and at a great price. I will probably tell my friends about this amazing site.

Mark Apr 06, 2021

Highly recommend this site

I'm really pleased with their service. Would highly recommend it because there is a lot of pet supply options and the rates are very fair.

Cody Mar 30, 2021


I keep this product as a preventive measure. Whenever my dog is stressed, he cries in agony. This has helped so far to keep calm and rest!

Abidan Mar 21, 2021

Great product

This Spray is ideal for keeping my dog calm during stressful events like travelling.. Happy with the outcome!

Patrick Mar 17, 2021

Excellent product

Adaptil spray distressed my dog just after one application. Moreover, he slept so peacefully after a long time

Thomas Mar 15, 2021

Worth every penny

This product has helped my dog to stay calm during many stressful events. Thanks a lot!

Eleanor Mar 09, 2021

Reliable service of website

Ordered in bulk looking at the low prices on this website. The services provided are fine so far

Jacob Mar 03, 2021

Worked amazingly for me

I have used it and it worked so well. I would say use ADAPTIL SPRAY and keep your dog safe, secure, and calm

Rae Mar 02, 2021

Calming effect

Provides a calming effect to my dog during stressful situations.

Tessa Feb 23, 2021

Works during stressful situations

This treatment is good and works amazingly well during stressful situations.

Adrian Feb 16, 2021

Helps reduce stress

Good product that helps reduce stress.

Celeste Feb 09, 2021

Keeps my dog calm

Aids in keeping my buddy calm and stress-free.

Jack Jan 31, 2021

Safe and Effective

The spray is very easy to use with no irritation to him anywhere

Lily Jan 17, 2021

Worth a buy

Just spray and relax! Because you know your buddy will be fine throughout the journey, no whining, no stress or irritability. Great Product!

Levi Jan 17, 2021

it works for our dogs

no other behavioral treatment worked as best as this one. Happy with the results.

Layla Jul 10, 2020

it works for our dogs

no other behavioral treatment worked as best as this one. Happy with the results.

Layla Jul 10, 2020

it works for our dogs

no other behavioral treatment worked as best as this one. Happy with the results.

Layla Jul 10, 2020

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