Is Climate Change Affecting Flea And Tick in Your Dogs?

Does Climate Change Impact Flea and Tick Populations

Tick and Flea have been the major problem to the pets and the biggest concern of pet parents. And this problem keeps on increasing at an alarming rate with the change in the environment due to global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, and exhaustion of natural resources. The change in the environment result in major damage to the lives of humans and the lives of pets as well.

It is a Vicious Circle of sufferings and we must look at the larger picture of it.

The change in environment and increase in the overall temperature of all seasons’ ticks and fleas have got the extra room and extra leverage to grow well and spread the diseases to a great extent. Before you consider all the seasons to one as – tick and flea season it is better to treat them now and not to wait for tomorrow.  

Ticks And Fleas Are Growing

The present climate change is an ideal habitat for ticks and fleas because a warm region gives them a warm welcome and a better space to ruin the health of your pet and spread the diseases. Day by day fleas are adapting to this climate and their ability to survive is increasing because each creature adapts and these parasites adapt to the existing ingredients of the medication and making themselves strong against this preventive.

What Should You Do As An Adorable Pet Owner?

Well, finding a concrete solution is not that difficult but it just requires a lot of care and a regular check on your pet. There are certain things that you have to care for – fleas and ticks individually. Maintaining and cleaning each and every corner, carpet and cushion is not likely to be possible on daily basis but preventing your pet against them is something you can always opt for by keeping them on with a flea and tick preventive.

The major problem is heartworm, though it is curable if you do not find it out at the right time its treatment could become a costly affair. It’s better to keep your pet protected with the best flea-heartworm combo to keep him safe and well protected.

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If your pet is social friendly then you must take this advice. A regular outgoing for extended hours can prone your pet for ticks, keep a good eye and a regular check on his neck, paws, ears to keep him away from ticks. If you find any just put the gloves on and pick up tweezers to hold the catch of ticks. Try with your efforts hard to keep good care of your pet. We always have to be cautious and keep our pets protected all around the year on tick and flea prevention and not miss this at any cost especially in the summer season.

While, do not forget to comb your pet’s coat on a regular basis. The best time is to comb them especially when they come after playing outside. The best way to compete the climate change is to educate your children well about the problem and cause and the right behavior to keep it in control.