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Activyl for Dogs

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Activyl for Dogs is a topical treatment that terminates fleas with its quick action formula and works for an entire month. The product not only starts killing adult fleas within 8 hours of administration but also kills flea eggs and flea larvae thus breaking the flea life cycle and eradicating fleas completely. It’s a waterproof formula that dries off immediately and has no odor. One of the most popular flea treatments, Activyl flea treatment remains effective even after getting exposed to direct sunlight.

Activyl Fast Acting Flea Treatment for Dogs

Activyl uses its bioactivation technology that kills fleas by paralyzing them. The active ingredient, Indoxacarb present in the formulation gets activated by using flea enzymes and altering them, this leads to the paralysis in fleas. The active ingredient works as a insect growth regulator and breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting the growth of flea eggs and larvae.

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Provides Quick Relief

This has to be the fastest working flea formula I'd used so far on our pet. Very Effective too.

Sophia Apr 14, 2021

Cheaper and better products

I just placed my first order for flea and tick treatments a few days ago, and it was $20 cheaper than I had charged elsewhere.

Ralph Apr 06, 2021

Cheaper and better

My experience was incredible. I ordered a year's worth of treatment for two dogs. The product was EXACTLY the same as the one I had bought from my veterinarian ( and waaaay cheaper).

Ace Mar 30, 2021

Worth a buy

Amazing formulation to kills fleas and ticks off my dog.

Abiah Mar 21, 2021

Safe for puppies

Since I have to use the product for puppies, I was skeptical about safety. But this worked great and now my puppy is free from parasites!

Ian Mar 17, 2021

Great topical treatment

Very easy to use. Activyl is also a very effective product in keeping fleas away.

Andrew Mar 15, 2021

Activyl is better than other brands

I usually recommend Activyl to other pet owners because it is easy to use, shows quick results, and are cheaper than other brands

Madison Mar 09, 2021


Activyl is suitable for my pet. I have used it for a couple of months now. No side effects seen

Olivia Mar 03, 2021

This has worked for me so far

I find Activyle better than Advantage and Advocate for some reason. Will purchase again for preventive purpose

Karen Mar 02, 2021

Quick action flea product

Quickly eliminates fleas. Complete action.

Montemogery Feb 23, 2021

Good topical treatment

This topical is really good. Its worth it.

Gigi Feb 16, 2021

Quick action formula

Activyl is a quick action formula. It works.

Jimmy Feb 09, 2021

Begins killing adult fleas quickly

In just 8 hours of application, this amazing topical kills adult fleas. All the fleas.

Eliaquim Jan 31, 2021


My buddy hates pills, this works well for him and no fleas too.

Hudson Jan 17, 2021


It was literally fleas everywhere since my buddy carried them home. It was horrifying until I found this amazingly quick working application. No more fleas, no more running around irritated for my pooch. Highly recommend!

Joseph Jan 17, 2021

Good on adult fleas

Super effective on adult fleas. Demolishes them in no time.

Justine Jul 26, 2020

Easy to apply

I prefer this treatment as it's very easy to put on and starts working quickly!

Souline Jul 07, 2020

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